Friday, August 19, 2005

Can't think of a title, so bite me

I am currently without water, due to contractors,
(which reminds me, I forgot to get back to Mona's blog)
go read her Breast Tribute Poetry!
I'm sooo gonna make out with her someday.

Today has been one of those days...
one of those gloriously sunshiney-from-the-inside days.
I started it right, so that helps.
Pancakes with fresh strawberries and whipped cream,
2 perfectly fried eggs,
2 tiny strips of pre-cooked bacon
(never fails to remind me of the SNL skit with short-term memory man-- "Blegh! I didn't order pre-chewed food!!")
freshly ground chocolate coffee
fresh squeeze OJ...
fucking GREAT.
so then I took the kids to do some errands, and it went really well.
because today I instituted a points system.
my math-obsessed sons are eating it up--gobbling it, I tell ya!
this could be my salvation...
instead of time-outs for every little thing, it's points.
and whatever level of points they end the day with, determines the level of luxuries they get the next day--
computer usage, tv, dvds, special toys, desserts.
gotta work out the details and make a chart...
but they love it, so far.

the best news of all:
my Oliver showed me where the missing screw to my sewing machine was...
stuffed into the innards of the machine,
but it works!

Especially those of you in California, please, please...
go read this, and do whatever you can to help.
I don't ask for much around here, but it would sure make my day if you would all offer some support to a crushingly important bill.
There are no reasons NOT to pass this bill.
And millions of precious little girl ones TO pass the bill.

and have a great weekend.
(or else.)

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