Thursday, August 04, 2005

T-minus 14 days...

until I go back to COLLEGE.
(insert a panicked expression)
seriously, you guys...
what the FUCK was I thinking???
I have the perfect gig right now--
and with the kids at school half day, I could have been
super duper
or, ya know, industrious.
or whatever.
but now I'll have homework...
and no office yet.
we have been so wishy washy over what to do about the basement
that it's making me a little seasick!
as of right now, we're having the original contractor come and do it all--
which is probably our final decision.
but his schedule is a little full right now, so it'll be at least 2 months until it's finished.
anyway, office or no office, I'm nervous and excited to go to class for the first time.

Ya gotta read this amazing post--
a tribute
makes me blush--and laugh, and, er, well...maybe cry.
I'm not even going to attempt to blame this one on PMS, it was really just plain
fucking awesome.
And besides, if you're not already reading Rachael's Ramblings, you really ought to be ashamed of yourself.
I could never do her justice, especially after such a glowing review, but I will say that she is a fantastic writer who regularly regales us with tales of her misspent youth and her current adventures--and she does it all with complete candor and humor. She has lived through some heart-stopping stuff, and yet still stands tall. She's one of those women whose vocabulary most explicitly does NOT include "whine"--now, wine, there's a'plenty of, for the good times, and someday maybe we'll share a bottle or box or vat--I should be so lucky. She rocks, and hard. Go read about her start in blogging (me!) and make sure to check out some of her other posts as well--for that matter, bookmark her or I'll stop posting boobie pics, how 'bout that??

oh, speaking of Lisa using paragraph form...
I've been considering switching my format here to a more traditional one--
like, say, including paragraphs and all that jazz.
I'm not entirely sure I could do it,
what with my Change Allergy and all,
but I could give it a shot...
I just started writing this way one day,
and it became very comfortable.
we'll see.
give me your thoughts, but remember, this is like when a friend of yours mentions maybe breaking up with that guy you hate--the asshole who doesn't deserve her/treat her right/etc--she's probably not going to do it, so don't commit yourself to anything!!!
That reminds me (because she prefers paragraphs, not the boyfriend thing) that Kat is back online!!!
Her move was rough, but successful, and she is now settled cozily in a new beautiful location, with her husband and youngest son,
far from the rest of her family--
sounds good, eh?
she's another one ya damn well better be reading.

ok, I'm off.
doctor's appointments and such.
have a fabulous day, and don't forget--
why tip your waitress, when you could give her the whole thing?
(told ya I'm a dirty old man!!)

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