Sunday, August 21, 2005

too much crying for a sunday morning--

goddamn LIFETIME channel!
and He should also throw a little damning at my husband for choosing that show.
It was really good--the true story of a girl who was homeless and went to Harvard.
but, DAAAAAAAAAAMN, I didn't need to start my day like that.
I teared up every 30 seconds, like clockwork.
stupid lifetime channel.
and THEN, he flipped to Tennis--
Roddick and Federer.

and who's with me on favorite ad campaign of the year/possibly decade?
"this is bob. bob is looking cool, and with a call to enzyte about natural male enhancement, bob is livin' large....blah blah blah...Generous swelling of pride. blah blah blah a big spring in his step."
I am not ashamed to admit that I usually rewind that one a few times,
for the extra giggles.

4 more days until my first college class in ten years.
last night, I dreamed that I had a french class that I kept skipping,
and the textbook was in my locker, for which I had forgotten the combination.
I was also trying to throw a big going away part for Red!!!
all the guests were arriving, but the crabs (a subconcious reminder of my recent trip to Maryland) I was planning to serve kept skittering off...
crazy dreams.

I did, however, throw a mostly-successful dinner last night for some friends, and their 2 kids (and brand new baby).
the highlights:
perfectly marinated and grilled chicken,
garlic mashed potatoes,
corn on the cob,
that strawberry-melon salad (that I'll make once for every set of friends before getting sick of it myself),
and Boston Cream Pie--from scratch.
the reasons it was "mostly" successful:
hubby's 4pm "it'll only take a minute" work thingy, lasted until 7:30. fucker.
I counted 8 guests, and thought I had purchased 8 years of corn (nope, make that EARS), overlooked step-son made 9, and the bag of corn revealed only 7 years. (jesus, I did it again!!)
and I was waiting for Mr. Husband to light the grill, but since he didn't show up until we were finishing our meal, I had to ask the other husband to light it...and supervise the chicken, since I always over-cook out of chicken-cootie fear, and he's a fantastic chef (some of my best recipes have come from him!)
I would say that's all for the "bad" list.
We had a nice evening, overall, and at least my husband actually made it this time--
as opposed to the time I went on a double date with another friend of his/friend's wife by myself.

and now it's time to take the kidlets to the pool.
hope you're having a happy and Lifetime Channel-free Sunday!!!!

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