Monday, August 08, 2005

Dentists and WalMart and Contractors----Oh my!

Yes, I know I shouldn't be this excited--
especially since the first order of business is for them to rip out the fiberglass insulation in the walls and put it into the ceiling (for a little extra noise-reduction) and I have to turn off the AC in order to keep the fiberglass from getting sucked through the vents and spewed out around the house...
it's not terribly hot today, so we should be fine.
But still!!
we're at the official start of the Countdown to Lisa's Finished Basement--
and THAT is cause for celebration.
so far, no hotties.
the head dude likes to not wear a shirt, though, so that's fun.
for him.
I'm assuming.

So the dentist was super fun, too,
as Oliver had has first 2 teeeeny tiny practically-non-existent cavities filled.
he was so good, sitting still, etc.
and it only took about 10 minutes.

I fucking love hate love hate love hate something that damn place.
but at least I got some fresh flowers and all the gorgeous ingredients for my dinner on Wednesday.
That girls' night (Bunco) I always go to is at my house this month.
(as long as the fiberglass issue is settled by then, and we have the AC running...)
Not only am I cooking, but it's a night with Deidra (The other un-blogger) so be jealous--trust me.

I had a very scary dream while I was sleeping off my hangover the other day.
I was sitting in a restaurant in downtown Salt Lake, on one of the upper floors of a tall building.
Lisa Kudrow was there, incidentally--love her!
and I looked out the window, and saw a couple of buildings crumble--like the Trade Center.
and then I looked out the window to my left and watched as the buildings in the same row as ours fell one by one, like dominos--realizing in that hazy split second of fear that our buildng was next. And it did fall, but miraculously we were all ok.
fucking weirdo dreams. I still woke up feeling as though I had just had a heart attack.

I can't write with 3 children swarming me.
hehee...I just suggested that they go upstairs and jump on the step son's bed.
score one for me!!!

Ok, they're gone...but I'm still feeling utterly distracted.
My back hurts.
not as much as my non-headache head...ache.
I mean, my thinker hurts, not the blood vessels in my cranial cavity, m'kay??
And why?
well, why do you THINK??
yes, that's right.
because my first borns are starting KINDERGARTEN in a couple of weeks,
and I'm going back to COLLEGE after a nearly 10 year absence.
my babies...
my little tiny ones are one deep breath away from the fast track to adulthood.
I want to take it all back.
every minute I've ever spent away from them, or too tired to enjoy them, or writing here while they played...
but, of course, all of that is foolish.
They have been happy, and good.
they have each other, and of course my sanity has held on (for the most part) because of the time I've spent away from them--what little time it really was.
they are sneaking down the stairs and peeking at me, each in turn--then squealing and running away when they get "caught", as I look up and see them... rock.
but Kindergarten is too much for me.
I need a good cry, I think.
and some new bras.
(entirely unrelated)

I guess I should go make some lunch.
If only as an excuse to have a(nother) donut.

remind me to do an audio post of my new favorite joke later.

Happy fucking stupidass Monday to you all.
I smell changes on the horizon.
(or maybe that's just my feet)

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