Tuesday, August 23, 2005

because there is a beautiful lightening storm moving over us--

and I would rather be outside watching it--
you get a COUPLE of pictures!!!

Ok, so I'm back.
the storm is still a ragin', but I had to update.
the lightening hasn't been very visible,
which is a big disappointment.
there have been half-inch blobs of very soft hail...
I would call them snow if I thought I could get away with it,
but you know those damn kids.
it's fucking awesome.
we stood out and marvelled at it,
getting pelted by the mini snow balls, and seeing difused flashes of light somewhere above the low-crawling clouds.
yes, Sara, it does smell great!
it's sort of a dusty smell, here, but a clean one at the same time--
like clean dust--fresh and crisp.
I know it doesn't make sense, but really, how much of this site does???

also, it is important to note, that I just KNOWINGLY took a chug from my back-washed-in water glass.
Max walked up to it, gulped some in, swished it around, and spit it back.
I am drinking coffee, and that makes me super thirsty!!
yes, I may need a moment to go puke.
carry on without me.

Jack Johnson.
a few hours from now...
in an outside venue, just several miles from here.
rain rain go away, come again some other day!!!
...do you hear me, motherfucker???
the fuck.
come back tomorrow.
or later tonight, after my parents are asleep...

I am currently not on speaking terms with all sections of this planet which cause utah to be so far from England.
just an fyi.
stupid god damn eastern and midwestern US and Atlantic Ocean.

In related news...
(no not really, but I love that segue)
my trainer anhilated my abs today.
I panted "keep it up and my Tummy Tuck funds can be diverted to my Buy a Harley foundation." at him.
he laughed.
you shouldn't laugh at your clients when they're close enough to kick you in the crotch.
ok, I didn't.
but I coulda...
and that guy with the incredible ink was there again.
I see him a lot.
he's very tall, and colorful.
I just thought of something--
he's probably in a band.
something made me want to draw attention to the words on my shirt as we walked past each other, but I suppose the Ds accomplish that.
doubt he saw, though.

oh, and I'm going to have to continue renting from Blockbuster, even though we signed up with Netflix (again).
no, no reason...
hawt. boy. working. alone. pant-pant...
they seem to have friendly and knowledgeable staff.
and I like to support the local economy.

jeeez, I guess I'm ovulating or something!!
ok, time to make cookies--

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