Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Post number 1000

I can't believe I've written that many posts.
Especially since most of them are rather lengthy...
So, I have been considering the different ways in which I might celebrate this occasion...
My first thought was to post a list of one thousand things...
(besides, how in the HELLFIRE would I come up with 1000 things to put in a list?? that's like...ten lists of 100. yeah. riiiight.)
and then I thought of writing a post of exactly one thousand words,
about why I love blogging or why I think we should all send blogger a cyber BJ because they rock so hard or whatever.
Then I thought of giving away some sort of prize that revolves around 1000, but I drew a total blank there.
and so, barring any REAL ideas, I've gone with the old stand by.
the big cop out.
the sound and the fury, signifying nothing...
aw, that sounds a little...bitter.
so, I think I"ll write a bit more before posting the cop out...

I do love blogging, and it has provided a very positive outlet for me, as a stay-at-home bored-as-hell mom.
and, I would like to think it has allowed me to touch at least 1000 lives--
yes, in a perverted old man sorta way.
com'ere, little boy...
I am such a dirty old man.
I had a dream last night about making out with a cute teenage boy blogger.
pardon my subconscious, it's a bit inappropriate.

I'm not going to do it.
I will not cop out.
I will make this a sparkly celebration of a great accomplishment--
how, exactly, is this worthy of that lofty expression?
I have managed to ramble incoherantly for 2 and a half years--
that's not so much an accomplishment for ME, as it is for anyone who's still reading!!
fuck it.
I have nothing sparkly.
I love you all, like that dirty old man would,
and I appreciate the hours and hours (and hours and hours) of entertainment your blogs and chats and emails have provided me.
most especially the good old days, when chats were more than just chats...
and I wasn't so scattered that I could actually get to know some of you.
this post blows.
here's to 1000 more--

(I just did a word count, and that post contains 387 so far...I am not at all tempted to write 613 more.)

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