Thursday, August 25, 2005

well that was relatively painless...

working out the kinks of the commute will be the worst of it, I think.
with gas prices, traffic, ridiculously few parking options, and a free public transit pass--
I'm pretty sure I'll be bussing it for the most part.
It only takes about ten minutes longer than it would if I drove--
and that's not counting looking for parking, and the additional time spent walking from the far reaches of parking lots that would be available at 9 frigging a.m.
also, not including the trauma I would experience trying to navigate steep roads in the winter--
my feet are much more trustworthy, thank you very much.
there is a train stop right by my freeway on-ramp, so that should do the trick.
yes, I'm sure you're all riveted, but this is particularly new to me--
Maine has no public transit, so it's not something I was ever familiar with,
and I've always had a car since I've lived here.


there was a cute boy sitting next to me at the train stop...
I couldn't help but imagine fucking him--
just a flicker on the rusty old projector in my mind.
god...that lean youthful body.
his skateboard tucked into his backback, resting under his feet.
then, the awkwardness of sitting on the train, facing each other, knees almost touching.
wondering if the door to my mind had been left open, and he had seen the movie--
and recognized himself on the sheet of white vinyl, pulled down from a roller above the blackboard...
no, probably not, but it did make it hard to find a place for my gaze to settle.
it wanted to devour him, but instead it darted--
attempting a casual, distant stare, but failing.
listening to "Rise",
nervous about the length of time from downtown to the upper part of the foothills--
not far, really, but how long would it take?
I could have listened longer,
but instead I played tetris on my phone.
then, I couldn't find my building--
I'm still a little disgruntled that there wasn't a neon sign,
with ten-foot letters,
declaring "LISA'S HISTORY OF ROCK N' ROLL CLASS", lighting the way around the back of the fine arts museum, and past the sculpture burial ground--
breeding ground?
but I found it.
and I was only about 5 minutes late.
fucking pissed me off.
until I realized--
at 9am.
first day of tues/thurs classes for the semester.
...I'm probably not the only one.
and I wasn't.
class let out early, and I encountered a tall young man on my way up the stairs.
he asked if I knew where the auditorium was.
I pointed back to where I had just come from,
and realized too late that I should have offered to tell him that class had already ended, and to give him the run down--
not like that, ya pervs.
the rundown: there will be 3 exams, an optional final.
his entire outline is on the web, and attendence is a good idea.
yes, my class had its share of hotties for me to ogle.
too bad auditorium seating isn't conducive to ogling.

the class seems like it will be very interesting,
and not a lot of extra work--
which is good, because I'll be spending a lot of time commuting.
I would rather focus on the creative writing class, anyway.
it is one paper, another smaller one, and a discussion group (on the web) per week,
plus 3 larger projects and a final paper.
not toooo bad.
a bunch of reading, and activities, so to ME it sounds like a lot,
but I know better.
it's just a lot more than NOTHING, but definitely manageable.
the prof looks really cool, and I plan to improve my writing a ton.
yes, I'll post all my assignments on the Drawing Board...
and give y'all heads ups if there's something worth reading.

okee dokee.
time to get busy cleaning the house--
hubby was alone in it for all of 2 hours with the kids,
so it is TRASHED.

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