Tuesday, August 30, 2005

To ditch the kids, to sit;

To sit: perchance to blog

Maybe, juuust maybe.
I'll get a post written today.
sometimes I find that if I go too long without posting
(yeah, like 3 days...)
or rather if I have too much to say,
it's harder to blog.
oh well, let's dig in and get this over with, shall we???

there's good news, and there's bad news:
the good news is:
twin A, my darling little one is A OK
the bad news is:
the babysitter inadvertently gave him a peanut butter infused candybar.
he's allergic to peanuts...
the worse news is, she didn't dare to jab him with the epi-pen (epinephrine)
and was freaking out.
she tried to call us, but--
so she called her mother, who was almost an hour away,
but gave good advice:
go get a neighbor to help you determine if you should call 911 or not...
neighbor called 911
two ambulences and a firetruck showed up...
kids were excited, at least.
twin B got a tour, after they administered Oliver's shot and took off to observe him at the hospital.
so, we finally (blissfully ignorant and still riding the high of our gloriously relaxing, invigorating, and sexy weekend) drifted into a zone with some cell coverage.
first call was from the ER police officer--adding to the drama of scaring the shit out of me.
so, the calls drifted in, and the story was relayed, piece by piece.
including Max, "I should brandi where the needle thing was, but she was too scared to used it."
we were still almost 2 hours away when we got the first call,
which was the worst feeling in the world.
knowing he was entirely ok helped me to not FREAK THE FUCK OUT,
but I still felt like my chest was going to implode.
I almost jumped out the window and onto the back of a crotch rocket--
you know those things can move!
buuut...I didn't.
besides the fact that I would have ended up as roadkill,
the dude wasn't all that hot.
so, we got there, and he was happy to see us, and all was well.
but it's been a little crazy around here, just trying to get the house back in order
(mostly their room...faaack....I think I'm going to throw all their toys in a dumpster. I fucking hate picking them up!!!!)
and keeping the steroid-high Oliver from turning into a raging attack machine.
maybe it's my imagination, but he does seem more aggressive and ornery since then,
and we have 3 days to go on the steroids.
we have to make sure his lugs opened back up, entirely, so it's worth it.
poor little bug.
I just want him to stop being allergic to stupid fucking peanuts.
guess what word he's going to learn how to spell today?
P E A N U T.
yes, he's very much aware of his allergy, and usually asks before he'll eat ANYTHING.
not to mention he usually tastes it and spits it out.
I keep going with all the "what if"s, but the bottom line is, this was bound to happen some time.
at least now he knows how scary it can be, so he'll be more likely to check, check, check.


so, the weekend itself was really lovely.
I have pictures of the lake--
the sunset, the mountains, my tits.
no, you'll probably never see any of them.
we did take the boat out to the middle of the enormous lake,
and proceed to get extremely x-rated...
it's a good thing my paparazzi weren't there.

fucking cocksucking homeowners shit headed association.
apparently having a clean, attractive white trailer parked in front of our house for a couple of weeks while the god damn contractors IMPROVE our home is against the shit licking ass sucking regulations.
would somebody PLEASE tell me, just one more time...
what THE BLOODY FUCKING HELL am I doing in Utah???
in the kingdom of anal retentive assholes who all care about one thing and one thing only, and that is keeping up with the poop-dick Joneses?
We've been here 6 months and I'm ready to torch them all.
to be fair, the guy couldn't have been any nicer.
the head dude, the guy who owns the property management company actually came by.
because the last time they sent us one of their snottier-than-thou letters, with false claims, cameron called and ripped their heads off.
there is no need for them to word that shit so condescendingly.
yes, this is a beautiful community.
full of tight-lipped fuckfaces who are more concerned with folding their napkins at precise 90 degree angles (yes, they use a protractor) than wtih actually enjoying a meal. (for example.)
whew...vent over...I think...
christ that was lame.
the thing is, we're not some damn welt on the ass of society.
we're really not.
we keep the place neat, etc.
it just so happens that we bought a home which had been neglected for the first 3 years of its life.
so the yard needed a lot of work.
and the gorgeous shutters we had custom made took a damn long time to get here
and in the hustle and bustle of getting the sprinkler system in and the backyard sodded, we overlooked a 2 foot square by the front door which had a few weeds in it.
this place pisses me off more and more each time.
oh, what I wouldn't give to return to a place where there are no subdivisions.
I have my property, you have yours.
and I can flip you the bird as much as I like.
the stupid thing is, no matter what we've done,
it has been a vast improvement over the previous owners.
oh, I'm not saying the house was trashed or anything, but on the outside they completely ignored it.
you've seen photos, it's a lovely house.
blah blah blah, fuck those fuckers.
...and I guess I'm glad the rest of them keep their shit together...
(yes, that was harshly begrudging...)

christ, I guess it's just my week, eh?
and yes, the comptuer fucked itself in the ass.
without lube.
poor thing...
but, I'm a resourceful little thing so I wrestled the kids' machine out of the tangle of wires up there, and hooked 'er up to my stuff.
of junk.
but at least it WORKS.

class today was fasinating.
wish you all could have been there.

party here thursday night, if anyone's interested.
just kidding.
it's a going away party for some friends,
so unless you know them, it'll be a little weird.
camping at the lakes with some great friends friday through monday...
and today?
fall is in the air.
i fucking love it!!!!
it feels fantastic.
but it reminds me that I haven't gotten fall jackets for the mini-me's yet.
(yes...I know it isn't appropriate to put an apostrophe there, but I hate how it looks without one. probably because pluralizing a pretend word can be a little awkward at times...)

I think I'm finished.
no braless pics because the ones I took have vanished with the rest of my computer.
hubby's working on it, but he's been insanely busy since the minute we got back.

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