Friday, August 26, 2005

Happyhappyhappyhappy HAPPY anniversary!!

to me.
and hubby.
his gift arrived today!!!
I ordered on on wednesday afternoon, from
for only 13 dollars they promised 2-3 day, and i figured it wouldn't make it.
they rock.

oh, and I got this idea from the Absent Minded Housewife (who is a hoot--read her! she's also hot. and she's from here, but lives only nearby now)

yes, it's a digital picture of a snapshot...
I don't have a scanner, ok???
and these are the shoes I wore that day, to come so close to his 6' 3"...

It was a beautiful day, a happy day.
we were supposed to get married on a Schooner in Camden harbor...
but I decided to worry about a hurricaine the almanac had predicted for that week.
stupid girl.
so we got married in a beautiful garden behind the marriott where we had the reception.
it was lovely, but not the same.
the stupid florist got my bouquet all wrong.
I said no roses.
I said no long traily thing--just a BUNCH, a simple, bouquet.
oh well.
at least I found the perfect shoes, right?
...oh, and the perfect groom.

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