Tuesday, August 02, 2005

112 Reasons It's A Bad Idea To Buy 1 Dozen of My Favorite Dunkin Donuts Before Returning To Exile--

Given my violent history with pastry,
and my penchant for eating myself into a diabetic coma,
I probably don't need to list each reason, but here are a few random thoughts on the subject:
* they don't work so well as appetizers
* carrying them all the way across the country should definitely count toward some free calories (I'll check with the association for reversing caloric intake, down in area 51 on this one...)
* they taste just as heavenly cold as room temperature.
* no matter how many vanilla cream donuts I eat (currently at 5 in the last 18 hours),
my childhood won't magically reappear. damn.

unrelated, but occupying space in my skull:
69* F is too fucking cold for a house to be in the middle of summer.
I'm wearing a fleece.
with my shorts and tank, but I'm stil shivering.
I'll have to discuss it with the boss.

ok, I used the crappy camera on my phone to get today's braless picture,
since I have several disgruntled readers on my hands and no way to download pictures from the real camera at the moment.

ugh. donuts make REALLY bad appetizers.

ok, here goes.
I forget to check if this is my 1000th post yet...
told ya I'd forget...

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