Thursday, August 11, 2005

The picture is coming...

(then you can, too.)

I have just made an emergency run to Office Max for a new keyboard--
since mine inexplicably bit the dust last night.
This is a lovely keyboard, and it's even spillproof, which is exceptional news.

the only problem is...
the "enter" key (which I use a LOT) is over too far...
my hands are fairly small, and it's hard to reach.
the stupid "\" key is riiiight where my old enter key was.


I might have to deliberately break this keyboard so I can go get a new one.
return it?
that's something that normal people would do.
pas moi.
and why?
because it would be too easy.
oh jesus.
this is annoying.
anyone got an extra finger??

so last night was my turn to host our Bunco group.
and might I say...
it was a smashing success??
before my life was turned upside down by my husband's suggestion that we "go off birth control and see what happens."
(OHH!!! So that's what happens! Faack...)
Uh...where was I?
oh yeah--during the pre children era (PCA) I used to really enjoy cooking big meals and entertaining.
but after the little bundles came screeching (literally) into my life,
it became a matter of survival to do as little as possible when hosting an event.
yesterday I made strawberry and melon salad with a homemade poppyseed orange juice dressing (sounds weird, but trust me)
and grilled chicken fajitas with homemade guacamole
and german chocolate cake from scratch.
the skirt I was wearing got a lot of compliments, to which I replied, "Thanks, I made it."
let's just say, I didn't have to show anyone my tits, and I still got a swelled head.
oooh, and I got some amazing new shampoo from the salon I bought the prizes from.
...I had to!!
they were having a sale.
anyway, it was a fabulous night, and I couldn't have done it without Becky--
who is the best damn partner a girl could hope for--she chopped and sliced and diced
we laughed, we cried--
well, she did, due to the onions.
and best of all, we drank Twisted Tea.
it's like a hard lemonade or whatever, but iced tea flavored.
iced tea with alky-haul.
my mouth is watering just thinking about it...
Aw, fuck.
it's time for the gym.
and this post is as dry as a week old loaf of homeade wheat bread.
I think I depleted my stores of funny and charming last night...

now I'm late for the gym.
pictures in 2 hours.

They don't look like Ds to me.
In fact, they don't feel like Ds, either.
speak up, I didn't hear you...
let YOU be the judge of that??
I don't think so.
I mean, you gotta at least buy me a drink.

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