Monday, August 15, 2005

How many needles could they shove in my mouth???

Ok, to be fair, it was probably only one.
but it poked me in like FOUR places!
why the hell didn't anyone remind me that they use large, sharp needles to numb the mouth for cavity filligs???
it sucked.
and it was still numb-ish when I met Deidra for lunch.
interesting, trying to chew on one side and not drool out the other...
I think it worked--
either that or she is an even better friend than I thought!!
(and she already scores like a 43--out of 10)

I went to campus and got my photo ID...
deep breaths, deep breaths...
It hasn't hit me yet, but don't worry, you'll hear about it when it does!!

my head is swimming.
this post was a total waste of my time and yours.
I apologize.
but really, you could go fuck yourself.

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