Monday, August 22, 2005

No time to blog

but that doesn't stop me!!!!
I have two fabulous girlies coming over for lunch--
which they're bringing, so how do you beat THAT?
and I need to shower, dress my kids properly (they dress themselves and oboy, is that funnny),
and run out to rent them a movie/pick them up happy meals--
a bribe to keep them in their room so I can ENJOY my lunch.
also, one of the girls is newly pregnant with twins, and I wouldn't want to be responsible for an abortion...

tomorrow night?
with a whole bunch of friends.
should be marvelous.
5 minutes from my house.
fuck yes.
now, to find a babysitter...

I nearly had heart palpitations today,
when looking up my on-campus class to see which building it's in.
I noticed a note, something to the effect of: must be concurrently enrolled in blah blah blah, and must be a music major.
fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck.
then I blinked, and looked again.
mine is music 2100.
that was music 2110.
praise the lord.
the class is taught in the Fine Arts Museum auditorium, so that's a little scary.
I am just hoping it's not entirely the wrong class for me.
I guess I should find a couple of alternative classes, in case I have to do a quick drop and add session, eh?
also, I checked the train schedule, to see if I should use that instead of trying to find parking (which I've heard is worse than impossible)...
it looks do-able.
we'll see.
and I have to find a drop-in daycare for the kids for the first 3 days of my class.
breathe, LIsa, breathe.
no...not that fast...

hey, back off--
you have to remember, I've been at home for FIVE YEARS.
no schedule, no outside babysitters (except for a few brief months where I tried to work from home, and took the boys to my friend's house for a few huors a week... but that was totally not on-schedule of any kind, either)
before the kiddies?
I was a firecracker.
I worked 80 hour weeks, much of the time, with no problem.
I even went to school and worked full-time for much of that time.
so I know how to be busy.
I know how to juggle.
it's just been a really fucking long time,
and I now have a husband and two kids and a huge hosue to clean...
it's ok.
trust me, I know most people have more to manage.
It's just a change, ok???
and I have to adjust to it.
then it'll be cool.
i'm cool.
it's cool.

off to the shower with me.
possibly a picture later.
feeling rather...braless today.

happy monday, future sex slaves of mine--

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