Friday, August 26, 2005

My mouth is having an orgasm of its own!!!!

Looked like an ordinary, grocery store's bakery cupcake--
with a darth vader thingy stuck into the top.
but, no.
It was the crack cocaine of my world.
I flew back to the pantry as soon as I washed down the first one,
and with shaking hands, tore the package back open and extracted another.
at that moment, I finally "got" it.
drug addicts.
ok, so I still don't understand why you would ever TRY something that is known to destroy lives in the blink of an eye (heroin/crack/meth),
but the inability to cease a behavoir that you know is causing you harm?
yeah, I guess I get that.
they taste so GOOD!!!!!!
white cake...and that super-deluxe, too-rich-for-most white frosting...
I better stop thinking about it or I'll end up guiltily scarfing down a third.
fuckity fuck.

change of subject, quick!

so Sunday is my husband's and my 7th wedding anniversary!
we have a babysitter coming to spend the weekend with our kids,
and we're heading off into the wild blue yonder.
or something.
our plans have remained fairly un-firm, but will probably include the following:
dinner at an amazing steakhouse, a couple of hours north of here.
a day at Bear Lake, with boats and jetskis and parasailing.
shopping for tile and carpet for the basement.
and gifts!!!
I think I know what I'm getting, and I think he knows what he's getting,
but I think...
if I'm right, and if he has guessed right--
we'll both be thrilled with our gifts.'s crossing fingers...

I should probably be working on organizing the house for our departure,
or at least packing...
but I had to spend some time with my one true love, first.
yes, the computer.
answering emails, and whatnot...
got one very inspirational email today, in fact.
made me feel intensely patriotic--
and horny.

What if I was stuipd brave enough to go to Afghanistan or Iraq,
as a journalist?
I would take notes, and interview people.
I would work hard.
...and maybe, juuuust maybe....
I would find a tent to crawl into, a soldier to tease--and please.
I can picture it so clearly, but I'm feeling shy again.
so I won't share.

jesus, this post is lame.
I feel like my brain is sitting on the counter, and I keep looking over at it, wishing it would find its way home, to no avail.

I suppose I could have spiced it up with a few of the images from my head, but oh well.
I'll keep the panting, sweating and moaning to myself today.

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