Friday, August 19, 2005

I have at least 8 other blogs,

but I never write on them.
I have one devoted to my kids,
and it gets updates occasionally.
and I have one for writing stories on--
and I have one for this.
and one for that.
I've just found that I would rather put everything in one place.
there is less mental clutter that way, for one thing.

"What did you just say?"
The chill that ran through my entire body and set my hair on end wasn't a good one.
"I asked if you had ever stood at the top of a mountain and--"
"Yeah. I heard you." I stared at him, now wondering if it was my eyes that were playing tricks on me. Similar, yes, but...much older, and with darker hair. And the handsomness was markedly lacking, as well. But just as my eyes lost focus, and a slow-motion blink cleared my senses, I got that chill again.
"Baby...?" I whispered, tears welling up in my eyes.
He nodded, slowly, and winked.

I am tired.
today was a long, but good day.
(just like tommy lee)
and didn't include nearly enough drinking--
none, in fact.
but I guess, for a thursday, that ain't bad.
I did, however, receive 2 of my 3 textbooks in the mail today.
I didn't know "expedidited shipping" meant they were going to toss those puppies on a first class flight, with no layovers!
thank ya,
I get to learn about the joys of reading and writing poetry.
as well as study the art of the tale.
...I'm pretty good with the art of tail, already--
bah dum ching!

two goals:
tummy tuck.
are either of those things proper mommy goals???
but I can still read the best children's literature to my handsome little ones every night, and play silly games with them, while teaching them to find strong women attractive, so that's a win-win, pretty much.

wondered, today, if the kid working at the 7-11, with the longish hair and the child's face, was a NIN fan, or if it was just on the radio...
and did he see my lips moving?
my fingers tapping?
that's the narcissist in me...imagining that my every move is being carefully examined--
I fancy myself a frog on a disection tray.
but I'm not...
I'm far less amphibious,
far less formaldahyde-laced,
far less dead.

my anniversary is soon.
7 years.
I'm getting the hubby xm radio, because he's been DYING to get it.
If he asks, tell him I want a pair of diamond studs
(either earrings or Chip'n'Dales, no preference)
a massage,
ok, now I'm stuck.
cuz all I can think of is the massage--
and the fact that I don't really want the earrings, but it was a funny line, so I'm leaving it in!

I want to be crazy enough that no one blames me for hitchhiking cross country one day on a whim.

I want to go to sleep now.
remind me to lock all the doors...
and remind me that my ability to make delicious desserts will not fill up the sadness hole inside of me...

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