Wednesday, August 31, 2005

I feel like shit--

No, really, touch me.
Ok that was an intensely offensive visual...
I think I have a touch of the flu.

and why is it that I feel so out of touch, so far behind, lately?
I can't seem to answer emails properly, or comments.
and as for posting?
I would say something more about that, but I believe I'm about ready to either stumble to the bathroom again, or crawl up the stairs to my bed.
"crawl", because today was legs day with my trainer.

I really had some stuff to post about today, too.
kids had their Kindergarten assessment today.
they're so damn smart, just thought you should know.
I made the teacher blink when I said, "vascillate".
they only asked them to count to FIFTEEN.
my kids can count to 100,
and backwards from 20 and can add a bunch of numbers and--
I'm realizing they were just checking for minimum proficiency,
not taking a measure of how deep their well of knowledge is.
oh well.
I was really hoping they could show off...

I'm starting to feel a bit better...

oh, one thing I left out, about the weekend:
I got my husband an XM radio receiver for his car,
and we listened to it on our long drive.
we fell in love all over again, I tell ya!
...with it, that is.
since he didn't get me a present,
I'm going to get one, too.
although, yesterday I started to tell him what I was going to buy for my present,
and he got a little huffy...
"I'm going to get you something. And you're going to love it!"
er, ok, honey...
now before you jump all over him, let me just state for the record:
I didn't actually mind at all.
we had so much fun, and that's what it's all about anyway--
just loving each other and celebrating that, ya know?
but I'm still going to get myself an XM.
that shit's killer.
you know what's best about it?
no, not the commercial-free part.
no, not the tons of fantastic stations to choose from.
no, not 3 different comedy channels.
the fact that the song and artist are displayed on an LCD screen.
nothing pisses me off more than listening to a song and not knowing who the fuck it is.

except feeling like shit warmed over, and on such a marvelous day!
oh well.
bed it is.
or maybe a blanket with a book, in the backyard...
maybe I'll try to stay coherant and get caught up on my email...
don't count on it.
have a happy wednesday, try to hump something/one, and I promise a picture as soon as my hard drive is restored!

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