Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Happy Flag Day!!!

And Happy Birthday to one of my readers...
damned if I can remember which one, though.
I suck.
I have been sorely dropping the ball lately--
I have unanswered email and undialed calls.
oh, I know!!
Happy Birthday to Cecil B.!
and good luck in (South) Korea, is also in order, if I'm not mistaken.

I had a dream that I was helping a mother prepare for the birth of her triplets.
We were organizing the house, etc.
I was telling her it would be HEINOUS.
which is funny, because last time I checked...
I don't have triplets.
it was kinda funny.
and then I was driving some weird van thing with shitty brakes and transmission from hell,
down some crazy high way, looking for a music store.
I love it when I have weirdo dreams.
I hate it when I feel like posting at (only) the times when I shouldn't.
like, right now, I should be showering.
so I can get the kids to school.

this post blows.
good thing it's Tuesday...

I just took the kids to school,
and stopped in at my doctor's office to get a blood test.
I was informed that they don't take my new insurance.
so why does this fuck me up so badly?
well, because I chose that doctor solely based on his proximity to my new house.
and he's been trying to get me in for a blood test,
so he keeps giving me these shitty one month prescriptions to force me back in.
because I'm a new patient so he wants to make sure it's all cope-friggin-cetic,
I guess.
so this is all his fault.
and NOW, I have to find a new doctor and get HIM to write me a damn fucking stupid prescription for my useless piece of shit thyroid--
or whatever the hell's left after they nuked it, 17 damn years ago.
shit, I'm old.
this is highly upsetting.
especially since I was supposed to go for the blood test fasting--
and not only do I hate not eating,
but it reminds me of church.
and that's never good.

all I want is to curl up with my computer,
my IM,
and my favorite British biker...
but, no.
I have to go get my ass kicked by senor evil trainer.

how's that for poetry??
how's that for the work of a true writer?
I deserve to get my ass kicked.
and not just by a trainer.

I think it's obvious that I mean I'm good at being bad at stuff....what? Posted by Hello

have a fantastic day, and put on some damn sunscreen.

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