Thursday, February 24, 2005

Well, as it turns out...

I was right.
I feel a little smug--
I was quite broken, after all.
I almost never get sick,
and I didn't think I was all that sick this time.
(yes, i was wrong.)
I've been avoiding saying it, but it was a bladder infection.
not that bad, even.
just annoying.
and then on tuesday my back started hurting--
around the place where my kidneys are,
so I started wondering if it was a kidney infection--
but then that pain had diminished so much by yesterday that I figured it was just pain from moving boxes all day monday.
(12 hours, mostly on my feet.)
no biggie.
so i go to girl's night thingy.
having a great ole time.
aw, fuck.
Didamo's going to kill me!!!
I was supposed to stop by there last night,
but hold on we'll get to that.
so I felt kinda not-great, but not BAD, fer chrissakes.
I was laughing and chatting and then I started feeling cold.
within minutes I was shaking so badly I couldn't roll the dice.
my legs, my arms--
teeth chattering.
my pulse was RACING, my breathing was really fast.
I tried to not make a big deal out of it,
but I knew something was wrong.
everyone was fussing over me, and I was really freaked out by then,
so I did what any little girl does when she has an owie--
I cried.
It was hard to talk through the chattering teeth,
but we decided to go to the emergency room.
let me reiterate, I hardly ever get sick so I'm just not used to this kind of thing.
it was fucking weird, too, because it was so fast.
just before we got there, the chills started to settle down a bit.
and I got all checked in, blah blah blah.
had a fever of 103.
they popped me some tylenol and sent me to wait.
okay, fine--they made me pee in a damn cup, too.
(i tried to spare you...)
my friend, T., earns the coolest friend of the year award for driving me and staying there til my husband arrived.
so anyway.
it was just a fever, induced by the infection.
but it was fucking freaky.
they gave me antibiotics and sent me on my way.
did I mention it was FUCKING FREAKY???
oh, hi, I'm fine and dandy, having a great ole time, and BAAAAAAAAAAAM.
knocked on my ass by a whirlwind fever.

at least now I'll start feeling better.

and at least i found a 24-hour pharcy.
they were having a 50% off sale on most of their makeup,
while I was waiting for the pills, my girl gene took over.
but you know what sucks?
when the valentine's day candy is 50% off, but all that looks good is the easter candy.
MINI cadbury creme eggs--
a new and glorious discovery for me.
oh, and there was an armed guard at the door, and a metal detector.
oxycontin, anyone?
fucking drug addicts.

it's a beautiful day in my neighborhood--
how 'bout yours?

I had a fucking fanastic idea for a book yesterday, too.
I'm glad my fever didn't erase my memory.
sorry, just trying to milk the drama queen thing for as long as I can...

I forgot to mention...
I'm hitchhiking to Hollywood.
I have found the love of my life.
okay, maybe it's just the lethal combination of PMS and American Idol...
that one guy.
who sang that song?
yeah, him.
I was so enraptured that I actually dialed the damn number and voted for him.
and then I realized I was watching the previous night's episode, and I had just voted for some girl who I hadn't even seen yet.
GOD DAMMMMIT, they should be required to put warnings on that thing!!
(yes, I'm a moron.)
so anyway.
if I turn up missing...
look for me outside the american idol studio with a pastel colored sign declaring that what's-his-name rocks my socks off, or some such garbage.

and don't let me forget to take all my drugs.
3 kinds.
one on an empty stomach, one with meals and tylenol.
don't know if that's better with or without food, but whatever.
and then there's my stupid thyroid pill that I'm supposed to take on an empty stomach, too.
(which they neglected to tell me for the first ten years. thanks doc.)
I don't frickin HAVE an empty stomach that many times in a day, people!!!
...on the way to the hospital, I said to T, "I hope it's something that makes me lose weight."
she awarded me with the story of her friend who lost 50 pounds and looks fantastic--
due to stomach cancer.
ok, FINE.
that doesn't sound so fun.

one of the cool things about the night was that after the ER,
hubby took me back to the house where I had left my car and we spent a couple of hours catching up with B and A.
we hardly ever see them anymore, but they rock.

I honestly can't remember if I mentioned it or not,
so if not, there are some pictures of my new house on buzznet.
and, I'm sure i've mentioned this, but I'll say it again:
or something.

don't be jealous.
I spend all day cleaning now.
I want to end this post,
and I keep trying.
but it's not happening.
I couldn't stop talking last night, either.
so I guess I'll hit the publish button and run for the hills.
or you should run for the hills?
something like that.

p.s. thanks for listening to my list of ailments, like we're sittin 'round the old folks home.

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