Friday, February 25, 2005

I must have pissed off the gods....

Or at least the one in charge of my body.
still feeling shitty-ish, and then--
this morning, I was heading down the stairs with my arms full.
twin B was on the stairs, hiding under a blanket.
(yes i've told them a thousand times that's dangerous)
I went to step around him,
and completely missed the step.
I tumbled down 10 stairs--
head over heels.
and I'm here to revoke that as a term for describing love.
cuz THAT hurt like a mother fucker.
I can't believe this stupid week.
I'll probably burn everything I'm making for the party tomorrow night, too.
Or at least myself, while cooking.
right shoulder
left wrist
left hip
that's where I hurt.
twin B said, "It was Daddy's fault!"
first, this cracked me up because of the whole battered wife excuse "i fell down the stairs", and then I reminded him that daddy was asleep and it took him a minute to even arrive on i lay on the landing crying.
jesus H.
what a stupid god damn week.

someone put me out of my misery, please!!!!!

I think I'll attempt a fantasy, since y'all reeeeallly deserve one after all my whining this week.
it may involve a lot of me lying around in flannel and being waited on, but bear with me.

We had been driving for days. I wasn't even sure if we were going in the right direction anymore. It didn't really matter, because he knew--and he was in charge. I glanced over at him, and got those same old butterflies in my stomach, a smile lighting briefly on my lips. I closed my eyes again, and leaned my head against the cold window. He reached over and settled his hand on my thigh, rubbing lightly with his thumb.
"We're almost there, baby. Just a couple more hours." He was reasuring me, he assumed I was weary, impatient. I was, but only to a small degree--I was content just to be there. With him...
I leaned over and kissed him softly on the neck, then settled back into my seat, back against the door. I wanted to watch him. He look at me with his playful grin, knowing that I was soaking him up in case he disappeared--just as he had done while I lay sleeping, in this car, parked under some trees in the earliest hours of morning. We both grinned like idiots much of the time, but that was just one of the side effects of having found that one thing you've looked for, forever.
He knew that I wouldn't be able to sit still, with him filling my field of vision, for very long. He knew I would need to touch him, to taste him. He scanned the road ahead for a place to pull over, as I slid a hand under his shirt. There was a dirt road leading down through some thick trees, which he almost missed. Squealing to a stop, he roared down it, the bumps making me giggle. We stopped in a cloud of dust, and he dove for me--pinning me against the door, crushing into me. His mouth landed against mine with force, as we tore at each other's clothes. I had one foot in the steering wheel, one braced against the head rest, as he slid into me--and we both knew. We were home.

sorry, not much sex.
time constraints, etc.
time to pick up kidlets.

happy weekend, everyone!

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