Wednesday, February 16, 2005

I think I am officially an old lady

I kept NODDING OFF last night,
while watching a movie at my friend's house.
I think I even snored a little.
and it was only ten o'clock.

I can't think of anything to write--
everytime I start a thought,
I yawn and forget what I was going to say.
...I'm like a cat, I guess.

there is gentle snow falling,
and it makes me want to stay inside.
by the fire, with a book.
however, I have a long to-do list today,
so I should make this quick...
staring at the screen doesn't do a whole lot for speeding up the process, though.

my head feels like it's full of old flannel shirts.
maybe it is.

this is ridiculous.
i feel like the guy at the podium who just keeps clearing his throat,
opening his mouth,
then checking his notes and clearing his throat again.
Either write something or hit the delete key.
yeah, that's right--I said it.
DELETE something.
It's against my religion, but this dust-filled page calls for drastic measures.
sometimes you gotta break the rules.
not today, though...

today I will dream.
and let my spirit soar.
today I will let go just enough--
and hold on loosely.
today i will reach out--
stretching far beyond my physical boundaries,
and run a thumb over stubble,
rest a hand on a thigh--
look into your eyes.
nestled inside a little dream cloud, suspended in the air above us,
like in a cartoon,
we will talk and laugh.....
I will touch each part of you,
in wonder and awe.
you will pull me to you,
and land that first kiss as our legs slip into a tangle of nearness,
locking our clothed bodies together.
we feel the heat through those thin barriers,
your hands are in my hair, holding my face in place.
my hands roam your back, under your shirt,
searching for the raised ink.
we sigh, and our clothes are gone--
the magic of dreams.
you whisper things that make me smile--
a soft, slow-growing smile that bursts out from the inside.
I breathe into your ear and you shudder with need.
our bodies are acting as one,
and we know that it has always been this way.
your strong arms around me,
my strong legs around you,
our hearts beat in the same rhythm,
and our bodies melt together.
this is a moment of clarity, of truth, of beauty.
it is the moment where the dream becomes reality.

have a great day.
don't forget to floss.

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