Friday, February 18, 2005

There are some things in life you just can't change---

and one of those is that Fridays mean Fantasies.
trust me, I've tried.
it's not possible to shake this phenomenon.
I'll sit back, and take a deep breath,
and imagine the one thing I want most--
a nap.
(insert a guffaw, or a snort or something equally derisive)
ok, fine.
I'll broaden my horizons a bit.
I'll tell a story.
I imagine it'll end up full of sex, because, well...
that's just how this lil girl thinks.

(this is the story i was looking for earlier, and it's rather graphic...
be warned.)

I want...
to crawl into your arms right now
to feel your rough hands all over my bare skin
your hands
your neck...
your shoulders
your chest
your belly button

I would like to be a girl in a bar,
just shooting pool,
drinking a beer.
...and to hear...
the rumble of a dozen harleys
in they walk
all tough and dusty
and then.
my breath is knocked clean out of me
like a fist to the gut
you would notice me, too
even though you weren't there to meet a girl
even though i look like the last person who would belong with a gang of
soft skin
curly hair
rosy cheeks
little flowered dress
it's like the world has stopped around us
you walk directly to me,
ignoring the calls of your buddies, who, themselves become distracted with other things and leave you to it.
you pick up a cue and break the balls i had just racked
we play silently
you beat me quickly then.
we start to talk and it's just like this,
just like us
we feel our souls collide
after a few hours of this we walk out to your bike
i wrap around you so tightly you can't breathe
i nestle my face in your neck,
my lips brush your skin,
but i don't dare to kiss you yet--
i want your mouth to be the first place i kiss.
we ride and ride and ride
and when we reach a little cottage on an ocean cliff you stop
we get off the bike and stretch and you take my hand...
such a soft gesture from such a rough man gives me double the chills
i bite my lip to keep from giggling at the beauty of it all
we go inside and you drop my hand, turn to face me
you take my face in your hands and pull me to you--
(as if you needed to)
our lips meet then our tongues and we kiss like teenagers
we kiss long and deep and it's perfect
we begin to discard clothing, slowly,
as the kisses grow you stop to enjoy my breasts--
kissing them,
taking them into your mouth,
swirling your tongue around my hard nipples...
i unbuckle your belt and slide a hand down your pants reaching...
needing my finger tips to brush the hard, hot skin of your cock
and you shudder.
stopping your work on my breasts, you remove your pants the rest of the way
i step back and smile at you
you grin back and reach under my skirt
little cotton thong...
you yank it off and we tumble to a bed
my skirt pushed up, my shirt off we are frantic now
hot kisses
you can smell my readiness, and slide down me...
you bury your face there, licking softly at first,
feeling the juices flow--
the juices you're making my body create.
I lift my hips, and your tongue goes deeply inside
you are ravenous...eating me to fill your hunger.
tasting, licking, kissing.
i arch my back and let out a low moan as you give me my first orgasm of
the night.
you sit up and lick the rest of me off your chin
we giggle
i pull you to me, and tumble you over so that i'm on top
i lower myself onto your achingly-ready cock
loving the feel of it pressing into my still recovering folds,
welcoming you into me i lean low, needing to kiss you
loving the taste of me on your lips,
i bite your neck then sit up,
one hand on your chest the other on mine you smile up at me,
as i slide up--squeezing--and slide down...
grinding into you slowly, but with such rhythm
your hands on my ass, holding tightly,
wanting to make me go faster but you don't...
we're both sweating...moaning
I stop--poised and then start moving faster, and harder
riding you
feeling you inside me, feeling your hardness, loving it
you explode into me, just as i'm letting out a telling wail of my own--
i collpase onto you and we rest for only a moment...

happy weekend, y'all.

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