Friday, February 18, 2005

another busy day ahead...

I guess that's the way of life, now.
It's good.
just different.
I have a cold, or something.

I was planning to post a fantasy today, and maybe it'll still happen.
I couldn't find it, though, and a dear friend was looking for the other copy of it,
but was unable to find it, either.
don't know if it was even good enough to be worth all that trouble,
so maybe i'll write a new one.

nothing much is inspiring me today, though.
it's gray outside,
sniffly inside,
and suspicious minds abound...

which reminds me--
I was never an Elvis fan, but I have two of his songs on my i(mposter)pod right now.
and it's making me like him.

how is it that the thermostat can be set to the same temperature every day for a week, and I'm perfectly comfortable,
but then one day it's not warm enough?
I guess that's just further proof that I'm an old lady.
oh well.
I don't mind.
Old ladies get away with all sorts of cool things.

last night my husband said to me, "at least they're not in the "why?" stage yet."
I said, "do you LIVE here???"
moments later, my point was proven.
our kids ask more questions than a defense attorney,
dig deeper than a geologist,
and frankly, it's wearing me out.
but in a good way.

back later--

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