Tuesday, February 15, 2005

cuz I feel like posting

sorry I got your hopes up--
it'll never be 7 a day.
I do have the fever.
for the flavor?
for the keyboard.
i've missed this machine.
i've missed the purging relief of tapping into my soul and letting it splash across this screen.
I've missed reading ALL your wonderful, inspiring, handsome blogs.
I've missed...
feeling free to pour myself out.
I've stopped feeling sexy, lately.
I feel...
tired and frumpy and uncomfortable.
the dust will settle soon,
and when it does, i'll be myself again.
i couldn't stop looking at my ass in these pants, just fyi.
so i suppose that's a good thing on the sexiness scale.
I just forgot...for a minute.
to love my outer self.
and i think this came from all the chaos and distractions on the inside.
as if you care.
do you care????
I barely care.
I just can't get enough of hearing myself talk.
(figuratively speaking, smartass)

good news--
I got accepted to the university I applied to.
I didn't think to be worried about it until after I started telling people I'm going there....
simply because I have a huge ego.
i had sort of forgotten that my first semester of college was an abomination.
I literally skipped almost every test for every class,
and since that's what our grades were based on--
SCARE-EE grades.
after that semester I got all A's and B's, but my gpa was in big trouble.
I'm in.
me and my baby boys are going to start school at the same time.
yeeee haaaaaaaaaaw!!!
and just by the by, I'm impressed with their speed--
i submitted an online application january 25th,
mailed transcript requests to two (local) universities that day,
(who both sent the transcripst within days_,
and had my admission posted by February 10th.
roughly 12 business days.
apparently they have really loose admissions policies.
I can't quite believe it yet...
once i get my guys settled into a new preschool i'm going to go to campus and poke around...
maybe meet with an advisor er sumthin'.
I'm going to be fucking THIRTY and a college sophomore/junior.
yeah...i can't remember how many credits i had.
i think i'm almost a junior.
dunnno, though.
I am pretty sure that I'm going to regret this.
I am, hwoever, loopy.
I think I am going to go upstairs,
fold some laundry,
then take a soak in my GIGANTIC bathtub.
while i finish waiting for hubby to get back from a 2 hour round-trip to drop off the babysitter...
oh, and remind me to rant about how his brother went to mexico for the weekend with his wife and they were supposed to come home today, but instead they're flying his mother down with the kids and staying another week--and how this inconvenienced us smack in the middle of our valentine's evening.

remind me to find some local babysitters before the next time we want to go out, for god's sake.

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