Friday, February 25, 2005

Because I am a pathetic loser

with nothing better to do on a Friday night--
I shall write a post.
that was awesome.
No sooner had I tapped out those letters than--
little AIM alert sounds...
hi Dylan.
sweetest kid on the PLANET.
having some brews with a buddy.

sometimes I wish I could spend more time at the computer...
sometimes I wish I would spend less.
doesn't really matter, in the end.

starting Monday, I'm going to have the attitude of a charging bull, when it comes to the gym.
I've been slacking for a few months now, and it's not good.
bathing suit season is way closer than I would like to acknowledge,
and I want to be ready.
I am going to plow through that place.
take no prisoners.
I'm going to kick my own ass.
you heard it here first.

so anyway.
enough of that crap.

I should have something significant to say.
but I don't.
not very surprising, really, just disappointing.
ok, ok, I'll dig deep.
I don't know....
I feel like I've taken a wrong turn, or something.
haven't been writing like i want to, lately.
haven't been dreaming like I want to, either.
what a coincidence.
maybe I should find a forest to run through.
the snapping of twigs underfoot,
the slapping of branches against bare arms,
the smell of moss and ferns,
the dark coolness in mid day summer.

fuck this stupid computer.

I'm going to go sit in my fat leather chair,
with my feet on my phat leather ottoman,
next to the (fat?) fire.
because I got run over by a truck this week,
and fireplace season is almost over.

I've lost my pizazz, that's what it is.
so, if you find it, tell it to get the hell back here before I replace it with permanent ennui.
(which is far less entertaining than The Grand Ennui)

have a happy weekend.
and promise to make out with me at least once.
thank you.

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