Monday, February 28, 2005

I love endorphins

I feel better than I have in weeks!!!!
god bless gold's gym.
and cake.
no, not the band...
I just love cake.
and I actually prefer cake and frosting somewhat separately.
it's odd, really.
but enough of that.
my workout was fantastic.
I actually felt attractive for the first time in weeks, too.
I might have had my beer goggles on, but I would do me.

There aren't very many sentences that I start without the word "I".

I was totally in the mood to write a post a few minutes ago.
then I did the dishes and started some laundry and settled the kids with a show.
and now the euphoria has passed, just a bit.
don't worry, though.
I'm pretty sure I found my pizzaz...
it was tucked into the sidepocket of my gym bag, with my gloves.
I got off the treadmill, after my warm-up,
and walked over to my bag.
dropped my wedding ring in,
pulled out those gloves--
sparkles started forming in the center of me and pushed their way out.
I fucking rock.
and I roll--
but not for long.
(sorry that was my attempt at a fat joke)
but then I remembered...
a man at the gym, who I can only applaud.
because he was actually at the gym.
if I had seen him at mcdonald's, well...I dunno what I would have had to say about him.
this man was large.
super-sized, even.
he looked like there was a panda bear living in his belly.
I'm not kidding.
his shirt didn't even completely cover the gut.
it was hard not to stare.
in my peripheral vision, I caught sight of a hottie, and all was well.
what do I consider to be a hottie?
I wonder if I've ever specifically mentioned that here...?
I don't believe so.
in case any of you are interested, here it is:
oh, just to clarify, I'm talking purely strangers, here.
men I see in passing, this is what catches my eye.
cuz if I meet a person, it's 90% about the inside, just for the record.
that's what makes a guy hot, in my opinion--
attitude, heart, integrity, intelligence.
ok, so, the guys at the gym that catch my eye are:
not bulked out with muscle.
I think that might be the only ones I don't check out.
I loooove guys who very obviously don't know/think they're hot.
but I'm an equally opportunity gawker.
men are, quite possibly, the greatest form of entertainment ever invented.
I'm just sayin'.

oh, and I am finally NOT sick, NOT injured, and NOT hemoraging.
or something.

be kind, rewind.

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