Monday, February 14, 2005

everything zen?

or maybe just another monday.

I am here and you are here and isn't this just cozy?
I've mulled over posting all weekend, and mostly I was just itching for a computer.
the cabin was incredible.
sitting in the hot tub as it snowed,
sitting in the hot tub as the stars sparkled,
sitting in the hot tub in the morning grayness...
drinking (but not too much), playing poker and tetris (on the big screen)
snuggled into log beds,
crepes for breakfast, creme brule for dessert...
fucking great.
I have never driven one before, and the last time I rode I was 5 or 6.
whole new experience for me.
the first 5 minutes i giggled the whole time, slowing down and speeding up.
then i tried to make a sharp turn
hit a tree.
a little one.
going very slowly...
but I still got thrown off the machine,
and my confidence was damaged a bit.
after trailing the pack for almost half the run,
we came to a field with some perfect spots for jumping.
and that's when i found my groove.
i knew i would like catching air,
but i didn't know how much.
It was a fantastic day.
One of the other girls pulled into some trees so she could pee.
I thought I'd join her...
all i managed to do was fill my underwear with snow.
so that was fun.
i never knew what a great workout snowmobiling would be--
it felt great!
so the next day we went to a place where you have a big innertube and you ride this little lift up to the top of a biiiig old hill--
and slide down.
now THAT'S what I call sledding!
It was pretty fun--
after the machines it was kind of an adrenaline let down,
but still very cool.
and the company?
we were the perfect blend of fun-loving, accomadating people.
no one was pushy or whiney or a party pooper--
not that i was expecting that, but it can happen when you get too many people in a confined space.
they were so cool that even when my husband and the other guy were ranting about how much they hate french people,
the dude whose father IS french (as in, grew up there) didn't make a peep.
he's bigger than both of them, too.
and more educated in general
(i won't venture to say 'smarter' cuz they're all very intelligent)
and specifically, more knowledgable about france and the french.
anywho, the other guys felt like asses when I pointed it out, but it was all good.
so yay me.

score for the weekend?
completely fun.
plenty of sex.
great food.

and maybe later on today,
i'll figure out why in the bloody hell i was drreaming about house shopping with nicole kidman.
in the swamplands.
with a real live "Randall" from Monsters Inc.
(which I took as the norm, while in the dream...just figured out what it was, actually.)

so, now i'm back
from outer space
and you better watch out cuz i'm going to start writing 7 posts a day.

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