Monday, February 14, 2005

oops i forgot...

i guess i should have done a valentine's day themed post.
but i didn't.
which proves it wasn't on my mind.
but i do have one thought on it:
having a mandatory day for celebrating love is stooopid.
celebrate it when ya got it.
love itself is a celebration--
a wild rollercoaster ride,
a free fall with a faulty parachute,
a smooth glide through a clear lake.
but most of all?
it is its own celebration.
we don't need a day set aside to make people feel bad who want love but don't have it.
we don't need a day set aside to make people miss the one true love that got away.
we don't need to force happy couples to make a big deal out of their happiness all on the same day--
how romantic is it to go to a crowded restaurant with all the other sheep?
how romantic is it to give each other red, heart-shaped (non-pussy) boxes??

I am in love.
I am happy, blessed, fortunate, and I will celebrate that.
...even if it is on the same day as the rest of the world.

(yes, this translate to: hubby's getting an extra romp or two tonight!)
and maybe we'll reinact the sex in the elevator from last year,
or try out a new toy, but mostly, we just will have each other.

happy VD kiddos--

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