Friday, February 11, 2005

Fantasy Friday

early, cuz this is the last time i'll be connected til sunday...

i feel like a wrung-out dish cloth, just for point of reference.
I haven't stopped for a week now, and i don't see an end in sight--
this is a good change, from complete boredom slathered in apathy...
but it numbs the creative portion of my brain.
I will find that place again, I know it.
Until then, I will miss the comfort of this bloggy hiding place,
and crave your cheerful sweetness.

deep breath--
close my eyes, and write........

I wish I could reach out through the murky darkness of space and time...
I wish I would find you there, my fingers lighting on your skin with a shiver.
I would be the cool, refreshing wind on your neck,
the bright blue sky filling your vision.
I would caress away all of your aches, all of your worries...
I would fill a bathtub with rose petals and drown in it with you--
our lips finding skin between such deceptively smooth floweriness.
we would crush those tender petals as our bodies locked together--
our eyes closed, our breath warm--and tickling each other through that maze of skin and fragrance.
I would rock my hips against yours, and we would melt together,
sighing and trembling.
we would have a soft and slow climax...
and then I would lay you out on the bed,
a bottle of warm oil in my hands,
I would stradle your naked back,
and work magic with my hands--
I would work out all the stress in your shoulders,
and up your neck, to the base of your skull--
I would surprise you with the strength of my kneading hands.
you would pass in and out of sleep as I brought your body into alignment with the joy in your heart.
and then, I would snuggle in next to you and doze with you.
sometime in the darkest hours of the night,
I would dream of your tongue on my upper thighs,
of your hands pressing them apart,
I would moan and stretch, spreading my knees in response to your rough face pressing into my slick, shaven pussy...
I would slowly...
realize it wasn't a dream.
and my sleepy-eyed face would glow...
smile dancing on my lips--
i would let you sate yourself with my juices before pulling your face up to mine--
you would oblige me, then, and slide your hardness into place,
rocking me to yet another peak, before rocking me to sleep.....

happy weekend to you all!

don't forget it's valentine's day monday.

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