Monday, October 18, 2004

sometimes when i get home from the gym

i feel like posting
even though i should be cooking dinner.
but sometimes...
the adrenaline's pumping,
and my brain is actually functioning properly--
so i try to take the best advantage of that.
i'm probably jumping the gun there.
"functioning properly"??
i don't think that's even in my vocabulary anymore,
let alone something that's physiologically possible.
but it's fun being a crazy mixed up mess.
i like it, at least.
and i'm a good kind of mess, anyway.

so anyway.
while i was running, i was scanning the gym floor.
i felt like i was playing a grown-up's version of "duck, duck, goose"...
only in my version...
it was:
and it that point i tripped and fell off the treadmill.
just kidding.
i've never done that, but i'm always a little afraid i will.
i do, however, always slide off it when i'm done, as it's still moving, and hop to the ground...
for some reason that little move makes me feel like an 80's pop star--
in both good and bad ways.
i did, however, noticed myself lip syncing while i was doing my weights.
sometimes i get a little too into my tunes...
and i looked downright evil--
it was Anthrax, "Crush".
what can i say?
it's a great song.
and whenever godsmack's "Awake" starts, i am physically unable to NOT smack my hand against my thigh--
i just pray to the gods of cool (who, incidentally, do NOT favor me) that i'll never accidentally yell that last part out.
this little rant is forcing me to realize that when i wonder if guys are checking me out...
they're probably just wondering what the hell is wrong with me.
-does she have turrett's syndrome or something? she's all twitchy...
-she looks angry...
-i wonder if she's good in bed?
hey, they're GUYS.
(oh, and just for the record, yes, yes she is.)

and my kids are officially smarter than me.
Twin B: "mom? why are the mountains so big, so they hold up the sky?"
Moi: the mountains don't hold up the sky...
Twin B: "then how does it stay up there?"
holy shit, good question!!
they've got me thinkin'...
could the
okay, maybe not.

guess i'll go cook dinner.
save a horse--
ride a cowboy.

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