Saturday, October 23, 2004

just a little saturday morning lovin'

well, not sex-type lovin'--don't get your hopes up.
(or anything else)
just rambling love.

i have my traditional saturday morning headache--
which is barely discernible from the sunday morning version...
but they are different.
different enough to rate separate names.

jesus christ.
i've cycled through every computer in my house in the past 2 days,
and have landed on my kids'.
hubby took my laptop, to be replaced with a regular pc.
so i used his.
i managed to crash it like drunk 12 year old in a yugo.
now i'm using the boys' puter.
it freezes on occasion, and has to be rebooted.
i hate it when my computer genius husband isn't around to make it all better.
this keyboard blows.

i also hate it when one of my 4 year olds leaves the entire bottom half of his clothing in the bathroom after using it.
it's kinda cute--little bums peeking out under shirts, little legs...
i hate chasing them around the house trying to make them get dressed again.
i'm such a fucking doormat.
i always planned on being strict...
don't know what happened.
but i think i'll blame it on the fact that they're twins.
works for everything else, why not?

had a wonderful family dinner last night--
sushi, hibachi cooking, and great conversations.
then to the bar with Becky.
there was a band instead of karaoke, but it they were good.
some guy thought i was someone he knew--
asked me when i got my nose ring.
i looked at him funny and said, "march"
he looked back at me, funny.
then a few minutes later he came back over and explained that he thought i was someone else.
apparently i have more than one doppelganger (sp?)
this is not the first time i've been mistaken for someone else, close up.
oh well.

i have a ton of stuff to do today.
so i think i'll read a few more blogs,
scratch my ass,
chat for a bit,
and then get started.
maybe i'll actually get moving.
and i have to pee, so that'll at least get me out of the chair...
can't guarantee i won't come right back, though.
i love procrastinating.

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