Friday, October 29, 2004

Fantasy Friday XXXXVII -- Guest Post

I dropped the 'phone back into my pocket and sighed.
There was no answer.
Had I really believed there would be?
This was the third time now; the third time that I had sat here waiting..
I flicked a five dollar note onto the counter, and stepped through the open door. Except for the Harley, the lot was empty; I gazed pointlessly at the space her car normally filled, wondering how different the day might have been if she had arrived.
Fuck it.
I kicked the Harley into life. The thumping iron heart comforted me a little, and I rolled carefully out onto the pavement.
This is for you, baby.
I wound the throttle back, and the pipes bellowed with the rage as the bike surged forward. It just didn't feel right without her behind me, arms around my chest her legs squeezing my sides.
Just as I got up about 80, I noticed a car on the side of the freeway.
Please don't be a cop..
As I drew closer, and realised it was HER car. I pulled up, and walked over to the passenger door.
"Hey, baby", she said smiling.
I so badly wanted to tell her how pissed off I was, but that smile melted me.
"What's up?"
"I got a flat. I'm sorry I tried to call, but my cell is out."
"S'OK, you got a spare?"
"Jeezus woman, what the HELL were you thinking? What would you have done if I hadn't come past?"
"I knew you would."
Woman's logic. No point in arguing.
"So what now?"
She smiled again. I began to feel the pressure in my pants. She had a talent for that; the slightest look, a smile, a wink. And she knew about timing too. Packed bars, busy diners and now, the side of a deserted highway.
"Why not? You frightened we might get seen by a coyote?"
"I was thinking more of police cruisers."
"Oh, the big bad biker has a conscience?"
"Fuck you, asshole."
She moved over to the passenger seat and put her feet down onto the dirt. She had a short skirt on, and I could clearly see her panties.
"You want me, baby?". She spread her legs.
My eyes took the trail from the ground up; half length cowgirl boots, smooth sun-browned legs, suede mini-skirt, that black lace triangle, the short jacket, the tight tee-shirt, the dark curls of hair falling over her shoulders. No doubt, she was hot.
"Maybe.", I replied.
"Fuck YOU, asshole.".
I knelt between her legs and we kissed. She wrapped her legs around me, at the same time reaching down to my fly. A moment later I felt her soft fingers wrap around my cock.
"Oh, baby!", she whispered teasingly. "We HAVE been deprived."
Her legs pulled me up against her, and she used the spare hand to pull aside the thin lace covering her pussy. After some awkward shuffling, I felt myself slipping into her. We fucked eagerly, her tight, hot pussy sucking me in, wanting more.
"I want to feel you all.".
She turned over, lifting her skirt up to her waist. She rolled the lace panties down her legs and her pussy glistened invitingly.
Shuffling up behind her, I slid back into it's warmth.
She gasped and moaned as we moved against each other, the streeses of the day being ironed out through our passion.
We climaxed together, the heat bathing us like a warm breeze.
"Baby, I miss you.", I whispered.
"Me too, honey. Me too."
She used my cell to call recovery, and ten minutes later I watched her car disappearing into the distance.
I rode back to the diner, and parked the Harley outside. The dingy place seemed a little brighter now.
I ordered coffee and pancakes, and stared out of the window. Happily.

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