Monday, October 25, 2004

monday's are for chicken soup

but NOT for the soul.
my soul doesn't need to start eating, too--
do you know how fat i'd get, then???
eh, i'm just bitter because i didn't think of selling sap to the masses.

it's so foggy i can't see my mountains.
which is odd, cuz they're like, a mile away.
we've gotten so much snow already!!
i hope it's a great ski season...
and why?
oh, that's right--
cuz i'm buying a house at the bottom of either big or little cottonwood canyon...
do i know which one?
hell no.
will i figure it out anytime in the first 6 months i live there?
wouldn't count on it.
do i like asking questions and answering them myself?
hell yes.
today at least.

i have more than a shitload to do today...
so what is that?
an ass load?
a fuck load?
something like that.
we got SO MUCH work done yesterday, though.
i packed probably 50% of our shit, and sent it off to the storage unit.
and hubby did a bunch of painting, and small repairs.
kids have their preschool halloween party today,
then the cleaning crew is coming, to do a deep cleaning--
blinds, light fixtures, etc.
(during which i'll take the kids and go to the gym and a fastfood playland.)
and then after the kids go to bed,
we're laying the new floor in the kitchen...
i love it, though.

so that's it for the Sell House/Buy House Saga for today.
aw, crap.
and i have to do a bunch of other stuff, too.
better click publish and slowly back away from this machine....

sorry to be so boring today.
if you don't like it, you are--as always--welcome to go fuck yourselves.
have a fabulous day.

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