Sunday, October 17, 2004

i woke this morning to a pink sky

it was incredible.
but, sadly, i was too hung over to trudge downstairs for the camera and a quick shot.
it was beautiful enough that i wanted to, though.

last night was a great night, with some good friends.
we saw a
sky captain and the world of tomorrow??
something like that.
it was cute.
then, dinner at a fantastic little Thai place.
and off to the bar.
great band, and a depressingly great atmosphere.
i was in the top 5% of youngest people there.
as in, most patrons were over 40.
WELL over 40...
so we got checked out a LOT.
i didn't even drink too much--
just enough, for once.
did a little dancing, played some extra-shitty pool, and made more trips to the bathroom than a pregnant chick.
or something.
and that bathroom SUCKED.
it was under construction--
out of 4 stalls, one had no door, but a working toilet
(never reached the point where i was drunk enough to use that one...)
and one had a door but was filled with construction equipment.
there were plenty of paper towels (which is sometimes an issue in public restrooms)
but NO soap.
we had a lovely time.

today we're going to take the kids bowling.
i better drink some coffe or snort some coke or something.
or just take a bunch of deep breaths.
they're my little sweeties, but sometimes when we attempt these little outings it takes a hell of a lot of patience and good cheer.
and today i'm a bit short on those.
maybe after the shower, it'll look better.
feel better.
smell better!

we carved pumpkins yesterday.
super fun.
jesus, i feel like shit.
have a happy sunday.
go to church, ya fuckin heathen.

oh, i took pictures before i went out last night...
i'll put some on buzznet.

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