Friday, October 29, 2004

how many times am i going to post today??

i think i may have hit a new record of posts for a day.
whoopdee fuckin doo.

just got home from the bar.
two things:
A--i haven't even thought about fantasy fucking friday and
2--some guy showed us his prince albert.
in fairness, we did ask...
also, that was one of the coolest things to happen to me at a bar in a long time.
i need to get a life.

oh, and if you don't know what a prince albert is...
you're missing out.
and you can go here--
to find out more.
highly stimulating reading.

something else.
oh yeah, we sang a song that i couldn't sing.
which isn't much of a surprise, but i still hate it.
Creep, Radiohead.
great song.
i can't sing worth a shit, however.
we put in a thing for candlebox (again),
but we left before our turn.
sang it last time...
rocked it.

i'm not drunk.

i'm going to get laid.
not give laid?
stupid expression.
i don't "get" laid.
i am an active participant, god dammmmit!

i think i just used an exclamation point.
i don't do that very often.

i like this format.

i like your new haircut.
it makes you look older, but in a good way.

i don't see how anything--most especially children--
could be cheaper by the dozen.
but i read the book when i was a youngster and rather enjoyed it.
probably moreso than you're enjoying this.
wait, no.
probably less so.

and i figured out--
because the fucking rain finally stopped--
that it's A FULL MOON.
that's my motherfucking problem
so there.
fuck you all.
no really--call me ;)

later suckers--

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