Sunday, October 24, 2004

peace...quiet--what the fuck???

i think i'm in the twilight zone.
peace AND quiet.
it's insanely confusing and exciting--
and thus, confusing.
so, i'll write.

yesterday turned out to be a colossal waste of time.
we got about two hours of actual work done on this stupid house.
but, we did have sex twice and get some of the supplies we needed.
(for the home repairs, not for the sex)
and we went to a lovely sushi-themed dinner party.
it was a wonderful evening.
not only did i feel like a real grown up--
sushi, caviar, wine
(okay, fine i stuck to beer)
but we also met two new couples who were just...
okay, so when i stepped through the door,
my sight was filled with a tall dark and
oh my god!! handsome man.
standing next his wife, of course.
but i was a good girl--
no inappropriate flirting or anything.
lovely lovely conversations, all around.
actually caught him checking me out a bit, too.
and for a second i thought of asking our hosts if this was a swingers party...
and following up with, "well, can it be???"
but i didn't.
i'm just being dramatic, anyway.
everyone was great.
although, the geologist thinks i'm a moron, i'm fairly sure.
we were talking about the evils of DeBeers and the diamond propaganda they started back in 1927.
and he mentioned a new discovery in canada of a diamond mine, by someone other than debeers.
i said, "oh must be interested in diamonds?"
have another beer, lisa.
we laughed, it was no big deal.
we all agreed that going to an opera together would be fun...
don't laugh--
i love opera.
i know you imagine that i am crass and loud and unsuitable for genteel company...
and you may be right.
but i know how to behave when i must.
and then the other couple was talking about how they have chickens.
i asked if they use them just for the eggs or if they ever kill the chickens.
they said they killed one, because they bought 4 chicks, and one turned out to be a rooster--
(there's another joke there, something about crossdressers...)
his cockadoodledoo-ing was starting to really bother the neighbors,
so they axed him.
we talked more about the chickens, etc, and then my husband joined the conversation
he asked if they ate them, or just ate the eggs.
to recap, we all filled in the story quickly--
yeah they killed a rooster once
he asked why
i piped up--
because he was a cock....
everyone roared with laughter.
and me?
i couldn't wait to get home and write it here.

so today we're going to work hard all day on the house.
tomorrow the cleaning company comes,
to do the blinds and windows and light fixtures and walls...
yes, i'm lazy.
so what??
and on wednesday it's carpet cleaners.
then we list.

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