Saturday, October 30, 2004

crazy things happen with a full moon in the sky

but not as crazy as when there's a full moon lodged into the side of a mountain...
(scary shit, that.)

i had a point.
oh, well, for one thing--
i have to pee.
now, normally, this isn't much of an issue.
we have two bathrooms.
it is the final day of operation "Replace the blaah linoleum with great looking fake tile/pergo shit".
you guessed it.
both toilets have been removed.
one of the bathrooms is finished, so the toilet could be replaced any time...
but i won't hold my breath.
(i will, however, hold it...)

the next full moon occurence is that i just changed into my PJs.
also not remarkable--
at first glance.
i accomplished this task wtih no less than two men standing just around the corner.
no door.
no warning--
they could have walked in at any time.
i live for adrenaline rushes, what can i say?

i think every article of clothing in this house is dirty.
and every towel.
good thing they'll be able to move the appliances back in tonight.
no they won't.
the dude who has the tools to reattach the baseboards is coming TOMORROW.

deep breath.
will you all join with me in cursing our ridiculous court system?
for jaling a man on an extremely minor violation, the day before he was supposed to save my ass from this headache????
stupid judge.
enough whining.

let's talk about sex.
or at least birds, with optional bees.
too tired.
too much to do, that can't be done.
too much to say, that can't be said...
damn, those beatles really knew their shit...

i can't believe i forgot to plug this better...
National Novel Writing Month...
starts monday!!!
it is the most adrenaline-packed, exhilarating experience you can have--besides going to 6 flags on coke...
(or so i hear)
not only because i said,
but because deep down, you know you want to.


just as we were winding up for the night (midnight or so),
i heard a faint meowing coming from the heating vent...
kitty had gone on an expedition into one of the uncovered vents.
she ended up sliding down through the ventilation system and landing near the furnace itself.
good thing it didn't turn on during that time!
so, hubby took the damned thing apart and lovingly extracted his little enemy.
"lovingly" because he loves me and i love the cat, so therefore vicariously--
*cough*south park *cough*
anyway, you get the idea.
oh what?
TELL me you know the mr. hanky the christmas poo song??
he's mr. hanky, the christmas poo
he loves me and i love you
therefore vicariously-----
he loves you too

so i woke to a quiet house today...
usually kidlets pouncing like hungry lions is what passes for an alarm clock in my world...
but today i was having a deeply disturbing dream,
and it woke me.
i couldn't go back to sleep, even though i'd only had about 5 hours.
i was dreaming about a man who sexually assaulted someone fairly close to me.
he, the perpetrator, is someone she knew well--and i knew casually.
this happened a month or two ago, but he just got released from jail, on bail.
(i've always hated the fact that those two words rhyme)
in the dream he was in my house, intimidating me--trying to hit me.
i was all fired up--
not taking any shit, hitting back--i scared him.
feeling protective of my little friend, i guess.

so today we're off to SEE houses for the first time!
and our agent is coming to put a sign in our yard and list us.

have a great day--

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