Monday, October 25, 2004

i'll try not to rant about the house...

no, i won't.
who am i kidding?

today was highly productive.
that's french for "exhausting".
or spanish?
how scary is it that it took 24 man-hours to clean my house today???
a crew of 6 spent 4 hours...
yes, it was expensive--
but oh so worth it.
my ugly as fuck light fixtures sparkle...
my gorgeous 2-inch wooden blinds are smooth as butter.
my appliances look brand new.
and yes, i did do a lot of work to prepare for their arrival.
someone made fun of me.
and that's okay.
my house now sparkles and it would've taken me all week to make it look this good.
and frankly, i wouldn't have done half this much.
so....YAAAAAAAAAAAAY for illegals.
i mean cleaning services.

my neck is fucking killing me.
it's from this one stupid exercise i do at the gym.

i just ate something from under my fingernail that i thought was chocolate.
it was decidedly not.
but do you want to know what my favorite part of my son's peanut allergy is?
yes, there is a silver lining...
on halloween, i get to screen his loot and keep all the peanuty stuff.

which reminds me--
i love making up words, and i haven't added a new one in quite a while.
i was thinking of one this morning...
what was it?
can't remember.
but another thing was when i was trying to say my kids are more unruly than blah blah blah--
well, a rule of grammar is that you wouldn't say something is "more un-" you should just drop the "un-" and use "less" instead of "more"....
so they are less ruly....??
that would be hilarious.
just to say shit like that and pretend it's correct.
"yeah, my kids are less ruly than a school bus full of 10 year olds on a field trip."
or something.
i thought if i took my mind off it, i would remember the other word...
it was perhaps...
that was the word i started with.
and then i was thinking how fun it would be to change the part of speech--
a few times.
like: "malcontentiveness" or "malcontenterific".
okay, nevermind.
sometimes i have what i think are really cool ideas, when i'm driving along.
and i usually only remember the crappy ones.
oh well.
at leat my house is clean.
now if someone could just buy the damn shit hole before i stank it all up again,
that would be super swellerific.

i was thinking of posting some provocative picture, but then i remembered i don't have my FTP software on this m achine.
i could use that hello/picasso thingy that blogger was pushing, like crack in a playground.

but maybe i just want to go to sleep.
yes, it's almost nine.
aren't YOU in bed???
i mean, jesus chroist
(not a typo. just a fun pronunciation...)
early to bed, late to rise, makes a woman healthy, wealthy and wise. (and horny.)

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