Wednesday, October 20, 2004

end day one: operation sell a house/buy a house

feeling good.
got a lot done...
hit the first major snag.
and it's a biggun.
the guy we had hired to do all the repair work...
appeared in court for something or other--
and got sent back to jail.
no passing fucking Go.
no collecting god damned $200
he had no "get out of jail free" card, either.
we're looking into finding him one, though.
fuckity fuckity.
i guess that's whatcha git for hiring an in and out of jailer.
poor guy, though.
he was actually going to do the right thing and WORK a few days, and he got denied the chance.

okay here's the funniest damn thing i've ever come up with!!!
are you ready?
cuz it's gooooooood.
and when i say "goooooood" i really good.
(shit, someone remind me to email Didamo and if you're not reading her, shame on you.)
where was I??
oh yeah.
funny thing.
went shopping with Becky for a quick spell,
(not a witch's type spell, just for the record)
and as we pulled into the parking lot, there was a man walking.
she said something about his visual appeal,
and i replied with, "did you spill your coffee in my lap or am i just happy to see him?"
i'm going to patent that.
it's MINE.
don't steal it.
you wouldn't use it, let alone want anyone to think you came up with it yourself?
fuck you then.
i think i'm funny.
and so does Becky.
(or at least she's good at pretending...)
we laughed for a bit over it.
then craned our necks for another look.
i swear to Zeus, i'm like a guy that way.
and not just any guy--
a construction worker, for chrissakes.
i'm a cat caller.
a "hey baby"-er.
i narrowly escape getting sued for sexual harassment at least twice a week.

so, speaking of my two real life friends who are bloggers...
the three of us are going to karaoke.
and SOON.
there will be pictures.
there will be audio.
there will be making out.
there will be---
(coming soon to a theater near you)

that was going to be my sign off.
but i'm not finished.
i'm slightly wound up.
don't know why.

well, while i'm mentioning blogs you should be reading...
holy christ, why aren't more of you reading Matt's silken scarf-like words?
and i have a couple of new readers, who i'll add to my sidebar as soon as i have 20 minutes to spare for publishing this monster, cursing violently, and re-publishing until it takes...
There's Rick, who i couldn't compliment without sounding like the glaring narcissist that i am, because he sorta writes just like me.
in other words, yes, I LOVE HIM.
and there's Jason, who has been known to throw some sexy ready our way, and on other days he's just plain pleasurable to read.
(as opposed to, uh...pleasurable, wink-wink)
and then there's darling Christine--she's a co-gemini and i just adore her. reading her is like chatting with a friend.
i could say nearly the same about Jen, but that would show my laziness at its height. hm. but i also feel like i'm chatting with a friend, reading her. and she's been known to throw a little dirty talk out there, too.
oh and Edge.
he loves Moab as much as I do (maybe more) and writes with candor and grace.

all, GREAT reads.
if i left you out, it wasn't because i don't love you.
it wasn't because i haven't read you.
it wasn't because it's been raining and cold for two days.
it was because i ran out of steam.
i'll get jiggy with it later, i swear.

and now, with that.
it's time for beddddy bye.
but this is my wednesday post, so deal with it.

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