Monday, October 18, 2004

it's raining, it's pouring...

i was just having this dream
where i was reading a new blog
and i thought it was a girl, writing about her boyfriend.
there was a picture
and it was two (HOT) guys...
then, because i live in Harry Potter world (or because it was dream)
the picture started moving, and they were getting in the shower.
i learned something from this:
two hot guys is even better than one.
AND watching The Real World can be hazardous to your dream life.
also, reminded me to go check a certain blog.

we looked at a few houses last night.
we're MOVING.
not out of utah, sadly, but the next best thing--
to Salt Lake.
not a big move, but it'll be a little better as far as the whole mormon thing.
(i don't feel like getting into my issues with that right now, but maybe later.)
anyway, my husband was basically handed the winning lottery ticket of new jobs.
he wasn't even looking.
but they wanted him, and they offered him great things.
his new office is in downtown salt lake, so it's the perfect excuse to move that way.
all you're going to be hearing about over the next few weeks is:
* all the work it's taking to get our house ready to sell.
* all the great houses we're looking at
* how annoying it is to have people come see OUR house
* and how anxious i am for it all to be over
so you might wanna tune out.
oh, and one last thing--
i'm so proud of my husband.
we've both been so excited, i keep forgetting to tell him that.
so we've had a fun weekend.
we have a MILLION things to do, to get our house ready to sell.
fortunately we have a friend who's really great at home repair type of stuff and is out of work right now.
so we're just going to pay him to do it.
yeeeee haaaw!!
it's been a whirlwind.

enough of that, for now.
jeeez, if i don't watch out, i'm going to end up posting nudes just to make up for such boring posts!!!
i'm just so excited and preoccupied that it's all i can think of.
even during sex, i'll find myself wondering if that house with the hot tub is going to have ugly carpet and light fixtures, or if that one with the funky Frank Lloyd Wright style architecture is going to be retro inside, too...
sorry i took so long, honey, i couldn't stop thinking about houses...
we giggled about it.
we're like kids.
i said "enough".

the next thing in my scattered brain is probably even more boring.
i'm chaperoning a field trip for preschool today.
should be torturous fun.
we're supposed to go to the Pumpkin Patch so the kids can pick out their own pumpkins, and do a corn maze.
it really does sound fun, but--
it's pouring rain.
so i imagine it'll be cancelled, but i'm not sure.

sex, anyone??
debauchery of some variety is in order, at the very least!!
i need to go take my shower.
but maybe i'll make it an extra long one...
and maybe i'll take a toy.
and perhaps i'll think about someone...
as the water washes over me,
the suds rinsing away and swirling down the drain.
maybe i'll pretend you are there.
the water's so hot our skin turns red.
maybe i'll wish you were pressing me against the cool tile walls,
and maybe i'll let my mind believe that your hard chest is pressing into my soft one...
your hand in my wet, tanlged hair...
(my nipples are hard just from writing this)
i'll wish you were there.
i'll wish your lips would find mine, then lose them again--
as you travelled down my body, kissing and biting.
i'll wish that i could pull you into me--
i'll close my eyes and believe you're there.
i'll feel you, taste you, smell you...
i'll be glad the door is locked and the water's hot,
as i give myself an orgasm in your name...

so there.
happy monday.

oh, and there's a new series on buzznet.

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