Wednesday, October 27, 2004

i don't think it's a coincidence--

that MORNING and MOURNING sound the same.
and are so closely related in spelling.
but i AM amazed that i had never noticed that before.
maybe i'm part bear...
so when i get woken from hibernation i am justified to behave as they do...?
okay, maybe not.

and now the wind got knocked out of me.
i guess that's what i get for trying to write a post and chat at the same time.
seems like blogger isn't working very well right now anyway.

sometimes i really hate how my emotions fuck with me.
in most areas of life, i'm pretty much "cool as a cucumber."
but when it comes to...
that one thing...
well, i guess i'm still not perfect.
yes, i'll agree that i'm pretty damn close. heh.
but i wish i could just stop reacting incorrectly.
stop saying the wrong things.
stop acting like some insecure asshole that i'd kick in the face for being so lame.

And, thanks to blogger's sorry ass being stubborn and unmanageable--
You now get to have a fucking rollercoaster of a post.

The storm has passed.
The clouds have cleared.
The sunshine has returned...

i was going to write an Ode to Dropload
because i said i would, but that was before my little tantrum.
And now I forgot what I was going to say--
Actually, I just couldn't think of a suitable poem,
So this is a good excuse not to write one.
Instead, this is all I have:
if you're not using Dropload on a regular basis, you should be.
Powerful, wasn't it?
And moving.
Good golly, I'm a creative genius!!
they should hire me to run their ad campaign!!

Wanna hear something funny?
And by "funny" I really just mean something that might make you uncomfortable.
So...funny for me, but not necessarily for you.
Nah, I'm getting dramatic.
It really is just plain funny.
We have this gorgeous set of sheets--
Super high thread count--soft, smooth, wonderful.
So we noticed a small hole the other day.
We were a bit shocked, hubby suggested blaming the kitty.
Upon closer inspection, it was torn from wear...
And there was another worn spot...
These two spots are in the exact location of where his knees are when he's...
Here comes the awkward part--
Soooooooo funny.
I mean...they're really nice sheets...

And here's a bit of a lovely IM conversation...

him: Were you upset when you found that Santa didn't exist?
her: no
her: i don't remember ever believing
him: I still believe.
her: you do?
him: I believe in love..
him: in happiness
him: in dreams..
him: in peace
him: in all those things that SHOULD exist.

her: i'm scared to believe in such big concepts, since the one thing i believed in most in my whole life let me down, pissed on me, and left me shivering in the cold. (religion)
him: It's a terrible irony that religion gave you the power to doubt.
her: yes...
him: You are one of the most beautiful people I have ever met...
him: and you helped me to affirm some of these beliefs..
him: including purity of heart

her: what you just said...
her: knocked the breath out of me
him: I hope so.. I mean it
her: yes, i can feel that....and you?
her: you have taught me that dreams come true.
her: and not solely over the rainbow.

sometimes chatting is a time-filling casual thing...
sometimes chatting is hot and steamy...
and sometimes...
sometimes it's deep.

so yesterday my brother stopped by with his new motorcycle.
it's gorgeous.
my first motorcycle rides were with him--
he's about 14 years older than i am, so--
he couldn't be.
12? shit, something like that.
yeah, i think 12.
so the point is, he was a teenager, giving a 4-8 year old rides on a motorcycle, and a snowmobile.
both of those brothers did, but he's still into that stuff, and i imagine that's where i learned to love speed and the wind in my hair.
so it's kinda creepy that i find motorcycles so sexual.
i'll save THAT ONE for my therapist.
...if i ever go to one.
anyway, hopefully he'll let my husband take me for a ride on it--
cuz i am pretty sure i'm phsyically unable to ride on a motorcycle without becoming aroused.
i mean...
i could probably do it if i focused really hard, but...
what the HELL is the fun of riding a motorcycle without all the sexy thoughts??
okay, so it's still fun, but...
my days of innocent fun are long gone.
so anyway.

this has been the longest, strangest post i've written since...
at least yesterday.

have a fan-FUCKING-tastic day.
and don't forget to--
braless tuesday...
i forgot it...
i almost said, "don't forget to leave your bra at home."
but today is wednesday.
oh, you'll be getting pictures for THAT ONE, my friends.
you will.

stay tuned...

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