Thursday, October 28, 2004

i should know better.

i just should.
men are world-reknowned for saying the wrong thing.
i just won't be posting any pictures for a long, long time.

also, it's entirely possible that PMS is catching.
i thought i was the anti-PMS fairy,
but i imagine that if i was,
i would be immune to catching pms.
yes, i said anti-pms fairy.
spent the evening with Becky,
hiding from the carpet cleaners.
we had fun, but my point is that she was not happy when i got there,
and she was happy when i left.
that doesn't sound good!!
what i mean is, i cheered her up.
but i woke up with a chip on my shoulder.
for no reason.
and then i read my comments.

so today we're taking all the kids bowling.
and i will pick up some fucking Midol.

i have a new computer.
i also have a long list of tasks to complete today.
double yay.

aren't you glad you bothered to stop off here???

i suppose i could try--
just a little bit...

sunshine and roses,
chocolate and bunnies,
let's start a bonfire.
this is stupid.
i don't have pms.
i don't.
i don't!!!
i might be tired.
or hungry.
or maybe i'm just a bitch.
but the calendar says no.
god DAMMIT i hate it when i don't have a good excuse for being a pain in the ass.

and if i hadn't just sworn off posting pictures, i might just give you one to make up for the bitchiness.
but the thought of looking at myself right now is nauseating.
so have a happy thursday and pretend you never read any of this.
thank you very much, please drive through.

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