Tuesday, October 19, 2004

i have time for a quickie--

even if that's all.
i have today to get every non-essential item in our house packed up.
so the hubby can get it all moved into a storage unit tonight.
tomorrow the work begins...
ripping up of kitchen and bathroom floors...
it's going to be a bit of a pain in my ass for a few days.
the sad/annoying/stupid part is that when we finish all the repairs,
i might actually like this place.
it still has a shitty floor plan.

so, this is why i'll be scarce from time to time.
maybe i'll just start posting at night?
who knows.
one thing i DO know, is that i love this blog as much as i love my kids (sometimes more...) so it's going nowhere.

i think i'm procrastinating...
i better go shower and get busy.
why do i have such a dirty mind???
i giggle like a frigging 13 year old when i write stuff like that--
"shower and get busy".
sadly, for all my big talk, i haven't enjoyed such a moment in a while.
maybe soon.
yes, it's sad when you can't even make sweet love to yourself.
i mean, shit!
it's one thing to long for someone far away or out of reach...
but to long for some quality alone time??
i think i may have taken "wanting what you can't have" to a whole new level of pathetic.

have a great BRALESS TUESDAY!!
that was close--
i almost forgot.
maybe i'll even have time for a quick picture...
but don't count on it.
...just know that there is only a light cotton shirt stretched over my rack-ola.
and it's chilly here today...
kisses to you all--
(on the backs of your hands...)

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