Sunday, September 12, 2004

sunday mornings used to be for church

what a foreign, strange-tasting sentence that was...
i think that was someone else.
certainly not ME.
...was it??

so last night i had dinner with a girlfriend.
her strawberry daquiri was much stronger than she had anticipated--
so we went to the bar, in order not to lose the buzz.
we had beer, played pool (so much more badly than usual!!), and caught up.
it's been a long time since we had hung out, so it was good.
more than good--necessary, refreshing, healing.
then we found a spot at the bar and chatted with a couple of colorful characters.
one of them used to be a bass player for a bunch of different big name country acts, and has more jokes up his sleeve than...
uh. more than WHAT?
stupid analogies with no endings.
anyway, we had a blast.
then my husband joined us for a little bit, and we laughed even more.
it was a good night.

and i wish i could think of something else to say at this point...
but i can't.
and hell, it's sunday.
what do you expect?
no one else is even lame enough to be posting on a friggin sunday.
so there ya go.

it is time for me to cook breakfast.
and i get to go golfing later!!!
i'm sooooo excited!
i'll let you know how it goes...
whether you want to hear it or not.

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