Tuesday, September 28, 2004

don't forget to celebrate bra-less Tuesday

and your first stop should be to Traces of Life,
to congratulate Chaz on reaching 100 posts!!
and I hate to take any of the credit...
he was clogging up my comment box so i told him to get 'is own blog.
you're welcome.
now go show him your nips.

and i finally got my fall foliage pictures posted, on buzznet.
they're okay...
the drive was invigorating and beautiful, but the colors were a bit of a letdown.

holy shit!!!!!!!
i was just sitting here, feeling blah, wondering why the HELL i never have anything to write about...
when i remembered--
Metallica finally announced their Salt Lake date, and tickets go on sale tomorrow!!
did i mention that this will be my FOURTH Metallica/Godsmack show this year?
i won't bore you with the rest of my babbling excitement.
but just know this: i literally jumped up and down when i heard.
that's all you need to know.
(and yes, i was wearing a bra when that happened...)

so back to the good stuff.
i'm taking care of one of my nephews this afternoon.
that's exciting.
but, we're going to take a picnic to the park,
and THAT is exciting.
so bite me.

my head hurts.
my kids won't leave me alone for FIVE minutes.
and i still have to do my breakfast dishes.
and shower.
i just want to crawl back into bed--
with my door locked.
i want to read a book and drink some chai tea.
with perfect stillness all around me.
sorry, don't mind me--i'm just rolling around on the floor, laughing.
that's someone else's life.
but i suppose that's okay.
i get to tickle my babies and spin around on the grass until we're dizzy...
and attempt to explain how engines work or why rain turns to snow when it's cold....
it's a happy life.
even if i'm weary of it sometimes.
i have forgotten my "i can do anything" attitude lately...
but it's true.
i CAN.
i need to step outside myself more often...
i tend to dwell there...
and inside of oneself there is often a feeling of suffocation...
but it's also rather cozy.

have a good day.
and don't wallow.

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