Saturday, September 11, 2004


today is a gooood day.
got up and cooked a lovely breakfast,
then went back to bed.
snuggled down with my husband--
the kids, too.
watching the USOpen.
then they got bored and wandered off.
so we took advantage of...uh...the situation, each other, whatever you wanna call it.

so i haven't mentioned the kitten in a while.
she is settling in nicely, etc.
the funny thing is that she is just like having another child.
which is NOT something i would have signed up for. heh.
just like the boys--
she climbs all over me and tries to eat my food and interferes when i'm typing.
oh well.
she's worth it.
and she had her surgery yesterday, to get spayed.
so now my pussy is shaved, just like my...pussy.
couldn't resist.

i am feeling the urge to go out.
it's been a whole week, you know.
i want to get dressed up and go laugh somewhere.
that sounded strange.
i can picture myself in a wig and a strange costume, huddled in a corner, laughing like a lunatic...
maybe i'll just stay in.

for some reason i feel very much alive today.
it could be the dearly departed cold,
or maybe the morning sex.
or possibly it's just that i AM alive, and for once i'm aware of it.
i have some great ideas churning about in my head for National Novel Writing Month.
(if you haven't signed up yet, DO IT. like, now.)

i took a bit of a break in the middle of writing this.
and now i'm back...
and i feel like a squished bug.
just thought i'd update that for ya.

and i don't have anything else to say.
but you could go check out the big fat spider i found, on buzznet.
it's pretty evil looking.
or you could go amuse yourself.
or abuse yourself.
or hate yourself for loving me.
that's generally what ends up happening, so i hear.
if it makes you feel any better, i'm getting fat(ter).
and i forgot to shave my legs today.
but i am still a great cook.
and a great lay.
and a lot of fun to hang out with.
i dunno.
add it up.

and if i'm still making sense, then i'm a monkey's uncle.
and THAT made so little sense that i'm prettysure it's time for me to go.
and by "go" i mean...
the warden is here, and it's time for lock down in the psych. ward.

party safely, kiddos.
and dream of ME, for god's sake.

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