Saturday, September 25, 2004

could you guys start a petition or something?

i think there needs to be a law that i can't stay out past one.
i woke up at noon...
and i feel...almost NOT shitty.
so here's the night:
friend "A" and I went to friend "B"'s house.
we had a couple of cocktails while the she got ready.
we had a little smoke and were on our way.
they both had cowboy hats, i had my famous cowboy shirt.
we attempted to rock the country dancing scene...
but we weren't really into it.
they were the ones who wanted to go, so I was relieved when they decided to leave.
we headed to a hot spot downtown (salt lake) and finished out the evening there.
it was fun, but nothing too exciting.
oh, except the transvestites we kept passing on our way through the bar.
that's always fun.
more like sad...
so then the single girl among us met a boy.
which dragged out our departure.
he's an actor--in some WB series.
very nice guy, they exchanged numbers.
got my car from the valet guy,
took friend "B" home.
then began the long drive back to our side of the mountain.
friend "A" began to puke around 5 miles from my house.
thankfully, i had a large bowl in the car.
we stopped at my house to pick up her house key (from her car) and then i took her home.
on the way, i got pulled over.
guy wanted to bag me for drunk driving soooo bad.
it wasn't his lucky night--
i had stopped drinking nearly 4 hours before, and only had a few to start with.
he was nice enough to not give me a speeding ticket, too.
and thank god, cuz i just did traffic school.
i stumbled home a little before 4.
stayed up chatting with hubby for another half hour or so, then passed out like a drunk.

i feel like if we work together, we can keep me from having another night like that.
thank you for your time.
Seacrest out.

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