Monday, September 13, 2004

so much perfection in one day is hard to take

okay, i'm lying to make you feel better.
it actually goes down like cool water.
i golfed again and it was a fucking amazing day.
incredible weather, beautiful scenery, fresh air...
fabulous dinner, lively conversations.
lightening ripping through the sky--
enormous bolts of it, peppering the horizon.
driving the convertible again...
and then the rain started, and it smelled so good.
metallica: loud.
air: warm.
rain: refreshing.
lightening: purple.
it was a sensory feast.......
days like THIS are what remind me that i'm alive and filled with good fortune.
days like this make me want to leap and sing and twirl.
days like this make my heart light--reminding me what's important.
days like this are what fairytales are made of.

today, my soul is bursting--
filled up so full i couldn't yearn if you paid me.
but i feel the shadow of awareness that this is not a permanent state,
and it makes me cherish this moment.
how empty i might feel another day...
how much more crisp and fresh and perfect and soft and sweet are days like this...
when tempered with the flat and lonely and aching and tired and shoved days.
it's all about balance.......

i wish you all a day like THIS.

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