Monday, September 20, 2004

just a little bit of crazy glue--for sniffing purposes only

what the fuck?
i don't know.
don't ask.

but you know what's really cool?
when your husband reads your post about sex and comes home and gives you some.
it would be cool if that worked every time, for every topic.
like, if i wrote a post about the new Porsche SUV thingy and then somebody stopped by with the keys to one.
or if my friend read my post about beer and came over and gave me some.
or if i wrote about wishing i had the focus and motivation to go back to college--
i would wake up with a stack of registration forms on my desk, filled out.
i guess that's not how it works.
oh least it works for the sex one.

great workout today.
back and triceps.
i love watching really built guys work out.
not for the sexiness factor, but more for the sheer physical beauty of it.
the muscles moving (rippling, some might say).
the sweat glistening....
okay, FINE.
maybe it is the sexiness factor.
but at least i have the decency to lie about it...
--uh, what?

well, i don't really have anything to say.
so i think i'll go cook dinner.
what an idea.

would someone please put me out of my misery?
i don't know what's come over me today, but i can't seem to make sense.

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