Wednesday, September 22, 2004

still stretching and yawning...

and rubbing my eyes.
and i just rubbed my nose--hard.
and now i know that it DOES still hurt to do that.
stupid metal post.
and i'm still half in dreamland...
i've had a zillion dreams about one of my oldest friends lately.
maybe i should call her.

and all i can think about now is how hungry i am.
and it's annoying me.

i'm going to go write on my Kids' blog, and i'll finish this after i eat...

okay, i'm back.
but i didn't eat.
i figured maybe writing while filled with rage would be fun.
well, not real rage.
just that, "i-got-woken-up-too-early*-and-i'm-hungry-and i just lost a post" rage.
wrote a stupid post about my kids and it's gone.
but at least it snowed here yesterday.
or the day before?
and here's my proof:

no, i wasn't standing on my roof.

i was looking through my old posts the other day and i came across one with a GREAT title.
i don't remember when it was, but it was a long time ago.
i remember being pleased with myself when i first wrote it, and i can't say that feeling has diminished much.
"Is that a marble in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?"
oh, god--I LOVE IT!!!
it makes me giggle every time i read it.
love me.

...and hungry.
i think the problem is that there's nothing i want for breakfast.
i guess i'll make pancakes.
even though i still have a "white flour is the devil" voice nagging me.
and it's true--it's worthless stuff.
i DO have whole wheat flour...
but would that FEEL right?
i don't think so.
besides, i think there's some kind of cooking law, which states that chocolate chips and whole wheat flour may NOT touch--
pretty stiff penalty, too, from what I hear.
and if that's the case, then i'm trouble.
i am unable to consume chocolate chip-less pancakes.
it's not my fault, it's just how i was raised.
oh, and i don't put them IN the pancakes...
i use the mini ones, and i carefully top each of two pancakes with them--a nice thick layer--then stack the pancakes...
i had that for breakfast for about 10 years straight...
up until i graduated and moved into the dorms.
and got fat for the first, bewildering time in my sheltered skinny-girl life...
(gained ten pounds, but that's ENORMOUS for a chick.)
maybe THAT was the key to being effortlessly thin.
pancakes with disgusting amounts of chocolate to start each day...
perhaps i'll do a little research...
god DAMN it.
i just remembered i used the last of the chocolate chips a couple of days ago.
that was as close to blue balls as i've ever been, i think.

today is wednesday.
so, hump something.
and let me know how it goes.

*that was a redundant phrase--"woken too early"--it could have just been "woken"...anything is too early if it's not my body naturally waking itself in a snugly, cozy, hazy way...

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