Saturday, September 18, 2004

i just woke up from a nap...

so this should be good...
i also have heartburn or acid reflux or something equally attractive.
i'm pretty sure my vitamin causes this.
and--OF COURSE--i have no Tums.
so instead, i'll eat a hershey bar.
..that should help.
i don't noramlly buy plain hershey bars--
but last night we ended up standing in line for a really
long time.
so the cashier handed us these hershey bars, with a little label stuck on them.
"There's nothing 'Sweet' about waiting in line!"
somehow, i think this is a subliminal message/freudian trick of some kind.
to make us WANT to stand in line.
it's an evil plan.
...but brilliant.

the reason i needed a nap on a gorgeous Saturday afternoon is a bit silly.
and you know my policy:
If it'll make me look stupid--I'll tell about it HERE.
so last night, we went to bed really early (9:00).
and around 11 we were...done.
ready for sleep.
but a little hungry..l
so we went to the kitchen.
made a huge plate of (oh-my-god-delicious) nachos...
grabbed a couple of eclairs...
and headed back upstairs.
we were both still wide awake--though exhausted--at 1:30...
yes, that midnight junk-fest could be to blame for my gastrointenstinal issues.
but i'd rather blame the vitamin.

then, instead of lazing around all morning, like smart people would have...
we dragged all 3 kids about an hour and a half north, to Hill Air Force Base.
to see the jets and planes and helicopters.
it was worth it--very fun.
but we both almost fell asleep on the way home.
and there was bad traffic.
and we finally made it home, just moments after the twinlets fell asleep.
(they never stay asleep when moved from car to bed)
so then i crawled into bed and batted my eyes at hubby.
and he made lunch.
and i slept like a baby.
but with waaaaay weirder dreams.

and that's the story of my day.
have a great weekend--

(oh, and don't use chocolate as an's not really working.)

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